Alan Brindley, born 6 August 1937, is the father of Lewis Brindley and has appeared on The Yogscast in a one-off Borderlands commentary, as well as his guest appearances in the 2014, 2015 and 2016 annual Yogscast Christmas Livestreams.


  • Alan was the commentator for the Yogscast video, My dad comments on Borderlands.
  • Alan was one of the main hosts, along with Simon and Lewis, of the 8th night of the 2014 annual Christmas Livestreams. On the 23rd night, he was called up to test his World of Warcraft knowledge.
  • Alan was one of the main hosts, along with Lewis, of the 23rd night of the 2015 annual Christmas Livestreams.


  • He is famously the owner of one or several double ladder(s).
  • Lewis once got him to play Left 4 Dead 2. Lewis stated in a video that he was utterly confused by the concept of shooting zombies with a gun and that he had trouble moving forward by pressing a button.
  • Alan has a bit of a reputation as a handyman. Lewis once visited, only to find his father on the roof fixing an antenna. Lewis also stated in YoGPoD 22 that his dad ties doors open with pieces of string and that it seems like his entire house is held together by string.
  • Lewis claims his father was the assistant Dean of Business Studies at Enfield University (since renamed) during Sips and Lewis Play Westerado: Double Barreled Part 4 (9:20), and tells a story about about the day he visited his father at work and spend the whole time playing Goof Troop.
  • He is believed to have been an engineer before he retired. In a video of Block N Load, Lewis describes the engineer character, who also has a mustache, as "my dad 50 years ago" and says he was a "badass engineer/builder guy." However, in YoGPoD 21 Lewis said that his dad used to be an accountant and has a degree in science.
    • It was confirmed during the 2015 Jingle Jam Livestream that Alan first worked as an apprentice accountant for Rolls Royce.
  • Lewis mentioned during the very first night of the 2014 annual Christmas Livestreams that Alan has lived for "about 70 years", suggesting that Alan is in his seventies, though Lewis is also prone to hyperbole when stating lengths of time.
    • This was, however, restated in a YoGPoD in which he mentions his father's age as 70. Simon is surprised, and he describes his dad as "a player", mentioning that his mum is "quite young".
    • On the 23rd day of the 2015 Jingle Jam Livestream, Alan stated his date of birth as the 6 August 1937.
  • Mr Brindley's earliest memory of Lewis was his birth, as he "quite enjoyed it" and described it as a "fascinating experience".
  • Upon being asked to give advice for young people, he said "The real life (working) is quite different to education. Real life demands your attention, commitment, otherwise you're not going to get anywhere".
  • Lewis' fondest Christmas memory was when Alan had made a bike for him and his brother.
  • Alan also has his own Twitch icon, yogDad which can be found here
  • For an unknown reason, all Yognau(gh)ts have taken to calling Lewis' dad as "Mr. Brindley" out of respect, as opposed to Alan, even though his first name has been known already.
  • Mr Brindley's favourite fruit is the nectarine.
  • He and Simon's Dad share the same first name, Alan.

Quotes Edit

  • "Jolly good."
  • "The real life is quite different to education. Real life demands your attention, commitment, otherwise you're not going to get anywhere."