Alex Parvis, under the username Parv, is a member of the band Area 11. He joined the Yogscast in 2012 as a Production Assistant but switched to be a Content Producer, before leaving the Yogscast.

Yogscast Website SummaryEdit

Alex joined the Yogscast team in 2012 as a Production Assistant. Parv now spreads his own brand of chaos from his own channel, covering DOTA, Minecraft and more! Also, framed photos of himself.


  • Parv also used to be in a death metal band called Bloodguard
  • Parv is a fan of the band Avenged Sevenfold
  • Parv enjoys the song "Torn" by Natalie Imburglia
  • Parv studied Philosophy in university
  • Parv's lucky number is 17.6
  • Parv has a younger sister and a younger brother
  • Parv's favourite colour is green
  • Parv dislikes cheese
  • Parv has dyslexia
  • Parv was fired by a drunk Lewis during a Civilization V livestream

Notable QuotesEdit

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  • "I came from a womb and was sent here."
  • "Slog 'em and snog 'em."
  • "Take that, Notch! Broke your game!"
  • "Look at the realism!"
  • "Do you want to get Parved? Do you want to get Parved? GET FUCKING PARVED!"
  • "YOLO."
  • "I've ruined everything!"
  • "I'm the Parvinator! William Strife sounds like David Hayter!"
  • "Let's make like a tree and leaf."
  • "William Strife, lost his life. Nooby dooby, poke him with a knife."
  • "Minecraft is real life!"
  • "Tell a joke! Distract the audience! Shadow of Israphel! Okay, carry on."
  • "#FuckParv yo."
  • "Just because I didn't die first, doesn't mean I'm a werewolf."




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