Andrew (a.k.a. Pierson) is a member of the World of Warcraft guild Ye Olde Goone Squade who has briefly appeared in episodes of The YoGPoD and some of Simon and Lewis' earlier World of Warcraft  'How to' guides. Pierson plays as a Human Warrior in World of Warcraft and was first seen wielding the Ashbringer and showing the Scarlet Monastery event while wielding the blade. He made another appearance in Episode 2 of The YoGPoD: Sipsgate where Lewis phoned him up after calling Sips and had an awkward conversation with him.


  • "I'm pretty good, why are you calling me on the Yogscast at 20-to midnight?"
  • "In general it's going pretty good. It's just these guys that keep calling me up for their stupid internet webcast thing."


  • Pierson was an administrator for the YOGS Steam group.
  • He was impersonated by Simon in episode 30b of the YogPod, where Simon said, "Hello I'm Pierson... I'm on a boat."
  • He was (is) a member of the same guild as Simon, Lewis, Hannah, Sips, Yohi, Vyrian & Co, Ye Olde Goone Squade.
  • His World of Warcraft armoury page can be found here.
  • He once logged onto vent only to find Mearis talking about gay sex, as mentioned in YoGPoD 16.
  • During the 2013 Dwarven Dairy Drive, Pierson said he got a new computer and might start recording videos.
  • During How to: Make Massive Gold, Lewis revealed that Pierson was his 'disenchant bitch' (the role in which Pierson is forced to do any disenchanting Lewis wants) after a bet him and Pierson made together. It is unknown whether Pierson still fulfills this role or not.
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