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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the fifth installment of the Animal Crossing series. As with previous games in the series, the game is non-linear and is played in real time. It is also the first game in the series that allows players to customise their own character fully including skin tone, eye shape, mouth shape, nose shape and cheeks. The game sees the player character purchase a deserted island package from series staple, Tom Nook. The goal of the game is to explore your new island, finding fossils, fish, insects and other crafting materials to make this new island a home. Players can also visit friends' islands to collect different fruit, as well as possibly different fish and insects. The game also running a seasonal system where players in the northern hemisphere will find different collectables than those in the southern hemisphere.


The most promenent series is being played on Kim's channel with recurring visits by Duncan and Simon. With a video released every few days or even daily. Kim has put a good effort into her island of Nano's Nook and now has a number of New Horizons mid-game features including the museum, shop, resident services and a permanent house with nice decorations. She has a cool mouse called Rod and a grumpy, pessimistic bear called Charlise.

The Colony Survival crew have also played the game on a few livestreams including Lewis, Leo, Nina, Bouphe, Joe and Briony.

Island NamesEdit

Kim - Nano's Nook

Duncan - Lancre

Simon - Oranj Isle

Lewis - Bee Island

Leo - Nook's Cranny

Nina - Marie

Briony - Cuppity

Madcat - Madland

Bouphe - Chocice

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