Becky Hardy, aka Bekkiboom, joined the Yogscast at the start of 2017 and originally worked as an intern with them for 6 months. She later became a full-time content creator and presenter for the Tap! and Conquest! channels. In September 2017 Becky joined the technical team, working alongside Sam Gibbs and Steve Bruce, while still keeping her own channel part of the Yogscast Network. At some point in 2018 she left the technical role and was replaced by TJ and later Sydney.


  • Becky is from Southampton.
  • She moved to Bristol to study a Photography BA (Hons) at UWE.
  • She is obsessed with anything Nintendo, and her favourite games are The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and Animal Crossing New Leaf.
  • Becky also likes all of the Sims games and Lego Dimensions.




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