Ben Wilson, under the username Wilsonator, is a YouTube Content Producer known mainly for his Rust videos, which he has been regularly uploading since April 2016.

Wilsonator first appeared in Sips' Rust series, joining Sips as a member of the New Sips Defence Force (also known as The Pants Gang), along with Thrillhouse and Red Wølf.

On November 10th 2017, Wilsonator announced that he had officially joined the Yogscast. [1]


Wilsonator mainly uploads Rust videos to his YouTube channel but has stated that he wishes to branch out and create content for other games. He also makes regular appearances in Trouble in Terrorist Town on the Main Channel, where his chosen skin is a mohawked T-Rex (featured in the 2019 TTT poster).


  • Wilsonator originally appeared in Sips' Rust series in the video The New SDF



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