Ben Rome, also known as Romey, used to be an intern for the Yogscast at YogTowers, along with Marcus. He worked at YogTowers for a few of months before returning to University for his final year and has secured a job relating to his degree for 2016. He had always been a big fan of the Yogscast, and he thought it would be cool to set up a Twitter account, InsideYogTowers, to share his experience at YogTowers with Yognau(gh)ts. The idea is to give us all a look into the environment of YogTowers, and gives fans a sense of what it's like to work there, and to be part of the Yogscast team. Since Ben's internship has expired, this account will be passed on to other interns to come. Ben's personal Twitter account is @BenRome.


  • Even though his internship has expired, he will spending any spare time he has from university at YogTowers.


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