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Beyond Mushbury was a Minecraft series featuring Zoey and Fionn. It was a continuation of Mushbury Tales, and was set on a spaceship known as the Heart of Mushbury.

The series stopped unexpectedly only into its second episode due to Zoey moving in with Fionn and has not resumed since, due to multiple personal events that have occurred for Zoey since, such as her cat passing away.


  • Commander Zoey Proasheck: Co-commander of the Heart of Mushbury, she and Commander Saberial go on adventures through time and space.
  • Commander Fionn Saberial: Co-commander of the ship alongside Commander Proasheck.
  • Ringlette: Pink sheep, captain of the Heart of Mushbury, pilots and navigates the ship.
  • Dr. Gruknurp: One of the first crew members recruited onto the ship, only survivor left on his planet after it was destroyed by the corruption, really smart, doctor, helps in trying to cure the corruption.
  • Lt. Beep-r: Lieutenant of the ship, last survivor of her make, found in an asteroid field with no battery life left, controls the ships AI.
  • Ensign Point-r: Created by Lt. Beep-r, only function is to point at things.
  • Engineer Meltee Fryd: Engineer on the ship, last survivor on her planet, was found on an ice planet after a super volcano formed on her planet and melted everyone else, controls time on the ship.
  • Mr. Ribbits: Ship's biologist, takes care of plant and animal life, last survivor of his race, his planet had corruption on it which made it quite charred and spooky, dabbles in magic even though he isn't allowed to.

Episode Guide[]

Zoey — Beyond Mushbury
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Minecraft - Beyond Mushbury #1 - It`s About Time Watch
Minecraft - Beyond Mushbury #2 - The Talented Mr. Ribbits Watch
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