"Big Girl" is a parody single of the Hall and Oates song "Rich Girl" released on Sips' channel on November 29, 2013.

It is sung primarily by Sips, with parts by Sjin, Duncan, Lewis, Hannah, and Simon. The mixing and backing was supplied by Area 11, while Hat Films helped with the backing vocals. The art was done by Baldob.


The video follows Sips singing to a woman of particularly large proportions about how she is, in fact, big. He details how she can eat a lot, and still have room for more; before going on to telling about how it's okay for her to be big, and how she is welcome to work at SipsCo..


♪ Big Girl - Sips The Yogscast!

♪ Big Girl - Sips The Yogscast!


Sips: You’re a big girl
Cause you’ve eaten too much
And your pants don’t fit around your waist

You just eat pie always really hungry
You just eat pie always really hungry

You’re a big girl
And its gone too far
But you can’t get enough of that sugary taste
Like a burger and fries you’re going super-size
Straight to your thighs
And you eat
And you eat
All day long
Piles of twinkies and ding-dongs
Double cheesecake and chocolate flakes
You can eat a foot-long
Take it down in one
And still have room for popcorn cause
You’re a big girl (big girl)
And you’ve gotten too fat
Ate a double cheeseburger on the way (big girl)

You just eat pie always really hungry
You just eat pie always really hungry

You’re a big girl (big girl)
Eaten way too much
And it makes you feel worse everyday (big girl)
Life would be better if you could just be thin
Could just be thin

But that’s wrong
You’re amazing
Here at Sips Co (here at Sips Co)
We think you’re beautiful as you are

Just so you know
Lunch is sloppy joes
Yeah big girls like you are needed all year round
Working at Sips Co

Sjin: Oh you’re a big girl (big girl)
But we love you so much
We give out free passes to the cafe (big girl)
You can eat pie on the Sips Co money
You can eat pie on the Sips Co money

Duncan: You’re a big girl (big girl)
Help yourself to ice cream
Cause we’ve got to keep you in shape

Lewis: Hey honey, have you seen these great waffles?
Hannah: Say honey, have a sip of this milkshake
Simon: Say honey, have you got room for pizza?
Sips: It’s all for free
Oh yeah, Sips Co money
You’re big
So so very big
But it doesn’t even matter.



  • Sips - lead vocals, lyrics
  • Sjin, Duncan, Hannah, Lewis, Simon - vocals, backing vocals, lyrics

Area 11Edit

  • Sparkles - backing vocals, keyboards
  • Parv - backing vocals, guitar
  • Kogie - backing vocals, bass
  • Leo Taylor - backing vocals, drums, percussion


  • It is possible that the titular big girl is in fact Juliana from Season 1 of Sips' Towns series.
  • During the 2013 Christmas Livestreams, Lewis stated that he had to censor and change some parts of the song before release, due to the original being "too offensive". However, Sips denies this, saying that the released lyrics are the original lyrics.
  • The song was taken down on Sips' Channel, due to M.I.L.K getting a copyright strike. Big Girl, and all other Yogscast parodies, were restored on the 21st October 2014.
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