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Boba, also known under the username Bobawitch, is a Yogscast content creator that specializes in Twitch streaming. She usually streams horror or casual games (solo or with other Yogscast members), such as Phasmophobia, the Resident Evil series, or Among Us. She also occasionally does Just Chatting or art streams. She joined the Yogscast in late October 2020, but had been a fan ever since Lewis and Simon's first Minecraft series.[3]

Boba Skip

In August 2021 Boba made an accidental discovery[4] during her first ever playthough of the game Metal Gear Solid live on stream. Whilst attempting to avoid fire from enemy guards in Communication Tower A, she managed to glitch through a doorway that should not have been accessible until later on in the game. Much to her surprise, she found herself safe and well on the other side, and, once she realised it was a bug, immediately treated her viewers to an impromptu song:

I am living the best life ever
because I beat the video game!
I am living the best life ever
because I am out of the stairwell of shame
I am the best at videogames
and no-one can stop me or tell me the same
because I'm the best at video games!

The glitch was quickly understood to save a lot of time and caught the attention of the speedrunning community, in particular the "Metal Gear Speedrunners" group, who estimated the glitch could save more than two and a half minutes[5] off the current most optimized speedrun of the game. Speedrunner ApacheSmash tweeted an explanation[6] of just how monumental the discovery was to speedrunning the game. As the game had been out for more than 20 years, and the speedrunning leaderboard[7] was filled with heavily optimized runs, being able to find such a time save was really rare. After successfully reproducing the glitch, the speedrunning community asked Boba what she would like to name the it, to which she responded "Kevin". However, she later asked her community to choose a name, and "Boba skip" stuck.

After the story had been picked up by numerous gaming news sites, the creator of Metal Gear Solid, Hideo Kojima retweeted [8] an IGN article in support of Boba's amazing discovery.

Boba Skip t-shirts, featuring "The Boba Skip" written in the style of the Metal Gear Solid logo, were made available for sale to mark the occasion. [9]

The Yogscast's legendary studio engineer, Sam, made remixes[10] of Boba's triumphant song in various styles on his music stream.


  • Boba is bisexual.[11]
  • Boba loves paintings.
  • Boba is a brony [12] .
  • Boba has a rivalry with Yogscast chad moderator Faaafv.
    (Editor's note: "chat" is intentionally left misspelled as "chad" here. It was a typo that became a joke in Boba's community. It has been approved by Boba to remain)
  • Boba stomps on her sandwiches 🥪 🦶.
  • Boba hates raisins and pickles .
  • Boba chose the nickname 'Fang' for herself in High School.
  • Boba is bad at maths.
  • Boba once had a crush on Baby Gonzo from the Muppet Babies. She claims to no longer have one.
  • Boba made and married sips_ in Tomodachi Life.
  • Boba is dyslexic [13]
  • Boba dilutes her Listerine.
  • Boba has received Lewis' blessing to finish Shadow of Israphel.
  • Boba used to work at a doctors clinic where they did hormone replacement therapy.
  • Boba went slightly insane when she became frustrated with Pedguin over gravy flavoured cereal (link).


  • "Bitch I'm a cow."
  • "Listen, here's the thing."
  • "Torb fucks"
  • "Hello Torb, Tommy and Silas"
  • "Blue and Purple are the same colour"
  • "GREEN"
  • "I choose when I shit, okay? I have that power."
  • "I'm drinking a potato"

Physical Details

  • She is 150 cm (5ft) tall
  • She has at least twelve tattoos