Boba, also known under the username Bobawitch, is a Yogscast content creator that specializes in Twitch streaming. She usually streams horror or casual games (solo or with other Yogscast members), such as Phasmophobia, the Resident Evil series, or Among Us. She also occasionally does Just Chatting or art streams. She joined the Yogscast in late October 2020, but had been a fan ever since Lewis and Simon's first Minecraft series.[3]


  • Boba is bisexual.[4]
  • Boba loves paintings.
  • Boba is a brony [5] .
  • Boba has a rivalry with Yogscast chad moderator Faaafv.
  • Boba stomps on her sandwiches 🥪 🦶.
  • Boba hates raisins and pickles .
  • Boba chose the nickname 'Fang' for herself in High School.
  • Boba is bad at maths.
  • Boba once had a crush on Baby Gonzo from the Muppet Babies. She claims to no longer have one.
  • Boba made and married sips_ in Tomodachi Life.
  • Boba is dyslexic [6]
  • Boba dilutes her Listerine.
  • Boba has received Lewis' blessing to finish Shadow of Israphel.
  • Boba used to work at a doctors clinic where they did hormone replacement therapy.
  • Boba went slightly insane when she became frustrated with Pedguin over gravy flavoured cereal (link).


  • "Bitch I'm a cow."
  • "Listen, here's the thing."
  • "Torb fucks"
  • "Hello Torb, Tommy and Silas"
  • "Blue and Purple are the same colour"
  • "GREEN"
  • "I choose when I shit, okay? I have that power."
  • "I'm drinking a potato"

Physical Details

  • She is 150 cm (5ft) tall
  • She has at least twelve tattoos




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