Boddypen is a reference made by Sips, presumably from their days in the YOGS, which Simon found particularly funny.

The reference was brought up in Voltz Special - Episode 12 - The Bomb, where Sjin and Sips detonated a large-scale red matter explosive and effectively created a black hole. When asked whose fault the explosion was, Sips blamed it on "Boddypen". In the next episode, Voltz Episode 13: The Treaty, Simon finalises the peace treaty by naming the book in which it was written "In Boddypen", having originally intended to name it "In Memory of Boddypen", but running out of space and thereby being forced to shorten the title.

The reference was again made in Jaffa Factory 102 - Corgis & Shetland Ponies, where Simon suggested to blame "Boddypen" for trees that looked to be mixed together.

The reference was made once more in Open TTD Part 3 - Airport Wars, where Lewis mentions that airports are named after famous dead people and that he should do the same with his airport. He then asks who he should name his airport after. Sips suggests that he name it Boddypen International. Sjin exclaims that Boddypen is not dead. To which Sips replies that he died mid raid doing 40 man Molten Core. He explains that he gave an order to not stand in fire. After he died during the raid everyone stood in the fire. They all died and wiped and the guild disbanded. Sips called it a tragedy. 

It was also made again in YogsQuest 2 - Episode 1 - A New Rim , when Lewis asks Duncan to give a reminder of the 'scrapes' he has been in and Simon mentions 'Boddypen'.

In YogiverseEdit

It seems that the name "Boddypen" draws reference back to late-2010, judging by this World of Warcraft forum thread, where other members from the guild Ye Olde Goone Squade are also mentioned. Sjin also confirmed that Boddypen is a Gnome Warrior in World of Warcraft on The Venture Co Server.[1]

Rythian also explained who Boddypen is, after clearing up confusion about a troll post from Sjin:[2] "...Boddypen is a dude from old old YOGS, back in the vanilla days. He was just a kind of weird guy, and right now it's mostly become a standard thing for me, Sips, Sjin and Simon to mention him when people (us included) are going on about things that happened a long time ago. "Hey, remember Boddypen?" is hilarious to all of us, for no reason whatsoever."


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