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Paul Böehm, under the username Bokoen1, is a Danish-born YouTuber and member of the Yogscast, who primarily plays Hearts of Iron IV, alongside similar Paradox titles and other games. He shared a booth with the Yogscast at i63 and often collaborates with iSorrowproductions on videos.


His most popular series is currently 'Hoi4 MP in a Nutshell'. Other series he's created (normally sharing the 'in a Nutshell' title) have also drawn vast amounts of support.

His mix of delightfully childish humour and playful audience banter combines well with the wide and varied cast of friends whom he streams and records with. Notable amongst these is Braun, a long-time friend.

Series GuideEdit

The following table shows the games and series Bokoen1 has played or participated in. Please note that the Current list only contains series uploaded to the creators channel in the last 30 days.
Series Guide
Current On Hiatus Finished



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