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Bo Johannesen, under the username Bokoen1, is a Danish-born YouTuber, Twitch streamer and member of the Yogscast, who primarily plays Hearts of Iron IV, alongside similar Paradox titles and other games. He shared a booth with the Yogscast at i63 and often collaborates with iSorrowproductions on videos. His hair was touched by Alex The Rambler and criticized it for having too much product, however Alex retracted that statement in the Masters of the Mediterranean Hearts of Iron IV stream. His face was also called greasy by his friends, leading to him being called Greasekoen1. Bo has 300K+ subscribers and has over 175 million views. On 12/29/21 all of the crew found out bo had a wiki during a hoi4 stream. (made by GIAubs)


His most popular series is currently 'Hoi4 MP in a Nutshell'. Other series he's created (normally sharing the 'in a Nutshell' title) have also drawn vast amounts of support. All of his MP in a Nutshell videos involve salt, toxicity, swearing, delusionalism and loud noises like ear raped audio and screams from hell. His notorious desktop background just says "Bokoen1's Desktop, Best Youtuber 2001 9/11", complete with a black background and an image of his channel's profile picture. 

His mix of delightfully childish humour and playful audience combines well with the wide and varied cast of friends whom he streams and records with. These are Braun, Golden, Jack, Swimmy, Phillips, Rilber, Peef, Cho King, Flavius, Lowee, Dankus and College. They each star in different videos, although Bo is the only person to star in every video made.

Bokoen1's videos also have running gags. Most notably are: You can't take Paris, Historical Accuracy, Iwo Jima, Getting Dresseled, Golden Lost, etc. He includes Countryballs in his thumbnails and in his MP in a Nutshell videos made by tom123luan@gmail.com and genaral.dave.1@gmail.com.

Series Guide[]

The following table shows the games and series Bokoen1 has played or participated in. Please note that the Current list only contains series uploaded to the creators channel in the last 30 days.
Series Guide
Current On Hiatus Finished
  • Dawn of War
  • Enlisted
  • It Takes Two
  • Phasmophobia
  • SCP: Secret Laboratory
  • Modern Warfare 2


  • Bo is an avid Pitbull fan.
  • Bo met most of his oldest friends he plays with in an Arma WW2 German Army RP group.
  • Bo really dislikes horror games, this is evident from his playthroughs where his choice of playing them is to not play and instead sit in a closet to hide.
  • His old friend Braun has a YouTube channel called Braun1 referencing Bokoen1. He has 9K+ subscribers.
  • His most popular videos were "The Perfect ______".
  • Bo is a regular viewer of the Desperate Housewives TV Show.
  • Bo's is a fan of the anime Girls und Panzer.
    • He has stated on his Instagram page that his favourite anime is either Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World or Kaguya-sama: Love is War.
  • Bo is Danish which explains his channel photo, which is that of a Danish Viking Helmet-Wearing countryball.
  • Bo has a degree in political science
  • Bo has documented accounts of 'Piss-Bombing' his friends at school.

Notable Quotes[]

  • "Intensify forward firepower!"
  • "Kill them, make them suffer!"
  • "Time to go full Hitler mode."
  • "I'm gonna suck your dick so hard now, Braun."
  • "Get a U.S player, get a U.S player, get a U.S player, get a U.S player, get a U.S player," -Golden as Austria Hungary
  • "I don't want women in the factories."
  • "I got triangular trade! POGGERS!"
  • "Excellent, We have caught them right in the middle of their evacuation!"
  • "*unintelligible fast breathing when he's doing well*"
  • ""I am afraid..... I am afraid......"
  • "Ah yes our first catch of the day"
  • "It would be an immediate TEST of the weapon"
  • "Schwimmy Schwimmy..."
  • "Panzer Vor!"
  • "Semper Fi!"
  • "Der totaler krieg!"
  • "Der krieg ist verloen!"
  • "SHUT THE FUCK UP *inserts player name here*"
  • "It's okay to be different as long as you're different in the same way as us" - Swimmy 2019
  • "Shields up!"
  • "Golden can't take Paris"
  • "Remember Guys, One Piss-bomb a day keeps the... uhh"
  • "I am a staunch National Socialist" - Swimmy
  • "Unlike you, I don't respect women" - Swimmy