Sophie Rogerson, known by the username Bouphe, is a Content Producer for the Yogscast. She streams retro games with Lydia on the main Yogscast Twitch, and by herself on her own channel. Bouphe has also made appearances on the main Yogscast and Hat Films YouTube channels. She is the owner of three cats, and zero chickens.


Bouphe began streaming on Twitch in February 2016, focusing on Amiga games. She branched out to include DOS, PC and PlayStation games, and now streams titles across many platforms from the early 80s to mid-’00s. She joined the official stream team in August 2017 (which she has left as of September 2018). There she did a weekly stream of titles such as Baldur’s Gate and Fallout 3.

Bouphe was partnered on Twitch in January 2018, and joined the Yogscast in July 2018.[1] She's been a big fan of the Yogscast since 2009 (even meeting them at several fan conventions)[2], participated through Twitch donations especially in the Chilluminati streams, and she often flirted with Lewis through donations.[3][4]

Hobbies & TriviaEdit

  • Plays old video games.
  • She sometimes plays newer games which she is also bad at.
  • She sometimes calls failure "Bouphing it".
  • Bouphe crochets, knits, and gardens.
  • One of her favourite films is Frankenhooker.
  • Bouphe's Garry's Mod TTT model is infamously the British TV character known as Mr. Blobby[5] (though recently she has switched to Sailor Moon).
  • Bouphe wrote most of her own wiki page.[6]

Personal LifeEdit

  • Bouphe is a Hobbit of The Shire/Britain
  • Bouphe suffers from fibromyalgia, depression, and anxiety. She recovered from agoraphobia.
  • Has a sister called Rosie🌹 
  • Bouphe owns 3 cats; Brenda, Keith, Candice Marie.
  • Bouphe owned two chickens named Elvira and Emelda for a short time,[7] but had to get rid of them because they were too loud and her neighbors complained.[8]
  • Has been to Greggs once.
  • Bouphe presented live television for 2 years on a little-known Sky channel.
  • Bouphe can play the bass guitar.
  • Bouphe wrote chiptune, electronica, and hip-hop.
  • Bouphe was an e-commerce copywriter before streaming. Now all writing is limited to Vidiots Fan-fic.
  • Bouphe owns a 96 Toyota Corolla.
  • Bouphe apparently lost her virginity to the song "Duality" by Slipknot.[9]

Physical DetailsEdit

  • She is 150 cm (4ft 11 inches) tall
  • Bouphe has 3 tattoos; a bird near her butt, two cats on her right thigh, and a ruby on her left wrist
  • Bouphe has very cool but also equally as lewd hair
  • Bouphe has nice ears?
  • Bouphe has a good nose.

Notable QuotesEdit

  • “Blobby blobby blobby!”
  • "You bugger!"
  • “I’ll do anything for a cat.”
  • “I like things that are a little bit weird.” Pats Lewis
  • “I had a diet coke this morning, it’s like a shower for your mouth.”
  • “He’s grabbing me by the pussy.”
  • “I do like a lovely virgin cock.”
  • Lewis: "I will have... Bouphe." Bouphe: "You certainly will, Lewis."
  • "It's Lydia on a night out: she's lost her shoes and she's shit herself.




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