The Burrito Bushido is a character played by Sips in his and Sjin's Ninjas series.


The Burrito Bushido is an overweight man who is currently the burrito eating champion in all of Japan. He at some point angered the Orange Ninja's Client who in turn hired a hit on him. The Orange Ninja was hired to kill the Bushido, but he failed the first time when the Bushido was in an outhouse after the Ninja slipped on pee. The Bushido escapes the Ninja again when The Orange Ninja was knocked down by a wrestler at the same time as he threw some ninja stars at the bushido. The ninja stars bounced back back and hit the Orange Ninja out of the sky. The Bushido eventually arrives at the burrito eating contest still completely unaware that the Orange Ninja is trying to kill him. The contest soon begins and the Orange Ninja decides to poison the burritos to kill the Bushido. The Bushido however avoids each poisonous burrito and manages to win the contest due to the other contestents that died from poison.

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