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Capitan Redstone is a character in Sjin and Lewis' Minecraft series, Druidz. He is the captain of an oil tanker named the S.S Sjips that was sunk by pirates while heading towards SipsCo..


Sjin and Lewis were informed by King Oberon about an oil spill west of their location that was polluting the sea. This oil spill was caused by Captain Redstone and his ship the S.S Sjips after his oil tanker had been attacked by pirates. He received some food from Sjin before the work on removing oil from the bay began. His dog (a poodle) was kidnapped by a creature he described as a "Yeti" which was actually a cave troll, so Lewis and Sjin were tasked to suck up oil from the bay with an electric pump which they did after successfully rescuing the puppy without harming the cave troll. Once both problems were solved Lewis and Sjin contemplated arresting him for not following regulatory safety on his ship they did not and instead he got a new H&S officer.

As the oil subsided it was revealed there was a cobblestone covering that might have been an attempted cover-up of the oil spill by Captain Redstone. In response to the accusations he stated "I did not step foot off my ship. I would never lie".


  • Captain's H&S officer is a pumpkin named "Pompkin".
  • After the oil spill, Captain Redstone became a semi-vegetarian only eating "bad animals" like turtles.
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