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The 2013 Christmas Livestreams, also nicknamed Dwarven Dairy Drive, were the third annual charity livestreams. On November 9, 2013, Hannah confirmed on her Christmas Announcement Vlog that the Christmas Livestreams would be returning in 2013. On December 1, 2013, an official announcement was posted on the main channel. The streams began everyday at 7:00 pm GMT.

The theme of this years streams revolved around cows, despite all donations going towards five non-cow-related charities. Donations this year were handled through Humble Bundle, where, for the first time, donators received games for their contributions. A $5 donation gave an exclusive TF2 item, the Heart of Gold, and a $25 donation gave a group of 13 games and DLC. All revenue from advertising and subscriptions, and revenue earned from the 2013 Christmas album, Hark! T'is What Thou Refers To As Yogsmas!, was donated to the drive as well.

The charities this year included: Oxfam, Special Effect, Little People UK, Games Aid and War Child. Donators could choose how they wanted to split their money between the five charities. Sparkles*, Strippin, Martyn, Kaeyi & Sam demonstrated the hardware used by Special Effect during the "Dream Stream" on the 7th December, where they playedSonic All-Stars Racing Transformed, using only eye movements.

Over the course of the 2013 Christmas Livestreams, a grand total of $1,159,746.33 was donated by 47,885 generous contributors.[1] 

2013 Event GuideEdit

Date Event
Saturday 30th Yogscast Christmas 2013 - Testing (Don't Expect Too Much™)
Sunday 1st GMod LIVE First Night
Monday 2nd Strippin and Sparkles Spectacular
Tuesday 3rd Hannah, Kim and Simon: The Mandrew Years
Wednesday 4th Sjin and Sips LIVE Doing Stuff
Thursday 5th Parv rocks DOTA2 with eCelebs like Purge and PyrionFlax
Friday 6th Dream Team Megastream with Martyn/Strippin/More
Saturday 7th Dunc's Farm Sim with Sjin + Lewis
Sunday 8th Race for the Wool LIVE vs Hat Films (Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 )
Monday 9th Ali-A and Strippin: Donations Cranked
Tuesday 10th Stream Time with the Blackrock Crew!
Wednesday 11th Simon, Lewis and Teutron Fighting Fantasy
Thursday 12th DaveChaos and Duncan Double D + Others
Friday 13th Hat Films: A Hat Too Far
Saturday 14th Nilesy's Protessional Strem: Protesh Hard!
Sunday 15th MoonQuest LIVE
Monday 16th Surprise Guest! - TotalBiscuit and Sips
Tuesday 17th Hannah and Kim: Ladies Night
Wednesday 18th Civ 5 Challenge LIVE
Thursday 19th Hexx This! Duncan's Hexxit LIVE
Friday 20th Hat Films: A Fistful of Hats
Saturday 21st Zoey's Pro-as-heck Livestream
Sunday 22nd Lewis & Simon Do Stuff!
Monday 23rd Lewis & Turps Do Stuff!
Tuesday 24th Nilesy's Protessional Strem: A Good Day to Protesh
Thursday 26th Turpster's Incredibly Awesome Livestream
Friday 27th Ridgearound with Ridgedog
Saturday 28th Athene and Reese Guest Stream
Sunday 29th Post Christmas Chilltime with Rythian and Friends
Monday 30th #HashtagSwagStream with Martyn, Sparkles*, Strippin and Beckii
Tuesday 31st Auld Lang's Protesh with Nilesy and Zylus!
Wednesday 1st Happy New Year Everyone! Thanks for watching!

Games & DLCEdit

  • Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed
  • Chivalry: Medival Warfare
  • Torchlight
  • Shank 2
  • Magicka: Wizard Wars (Early access)
  • Napoleon: Total War
  • Awesomenauts
  • Sanctum: Collection
  • Rust
  • The Chaos Engine
  • Garry's Mod
  • Honeydew Skin of Skølldir DLC
  • War of the Vikings exclusive hat DLC

Daily Donation CountEdit

Date Total Donations Change in Total Donations
Saturday 30th $121,089.00 $121,089.00
Sunday 1st $162,363.00 $41,274.00
Monday 2nd $216,125.00 $53,762.00
Tuesday 3rd $263,040.00 $46,915.00
Wednesday 4th $274,453.00 $11,413.00
Thursday 5th $304,883.00 $30,430.00
Friday 6th $328,175.00 $23,292.00
Saturday 7th $372,035.00 $43,860.00
Sunday 8th $379,211.16 $7,176.16
Monday 9th $405,128.00 $25,916.84
Tuesday 10th $423,840.00 $18,712.00
Wednesday 11th $454,265.00 $30,425.00
Thursday 12th $469,410.00 $15,145.00
Friday 13th $503,318.00 $33,908.00
Saturday 14th $573,830.00 $70,512.00
Sunday 15th $624,783.00 $50,953.00
Monday 16th $643,467.00 $18,684.00
Tuesday 17th $657,837.00 $14,370.00
Wednesday 18th $666,849.00 $9,012.00
Thursday 19th $683,048.00 $16,199.00
Friday 20th $702,839.00 $19,791.00
Saturday 21st $777,427.00 $74,588.00
Sunday 22nd $857,277.00 $79,850.00
Monday 23rd $917,455.00 $60,178.00
Tuesday 24th $954,501.00 $37,046.00
Thursday 26th $991,902.00 $37,401.00
Friday 27th $1,029,521.00 $37,619.00
Saturday 28th $1,064,466.00 $34,945.00
Sunday 29th $1,089,664.00 $25,198.00
Monday 30th $1,121,774.00 $32,110.00
Monday 30th $1,159,746.33 $37,972.33



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