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The 2016 Christmas Livestreams, nicknamed Yogscast Jingle Jam 2016, were the sixth annual charity livestreams. On November 20, 2016, the livestreams were confirmed on the Yogscast Subreddit. The first 2 weeks of the schedule were released on November 25, 2016. On December 1, 2016, the official announcement video was uploaded to the main channel. Morning streams started around 11am GMT, with warm up streams beginning straight afterwards at 2pm. The main streams then started at 5pm and lasted 6 hours.

Donations were handled through Humble Bundle, where donators received games for their contributions. A $5 donation gave an original "Print & Play" card game by Mark Hulmes called "Datlof". A $30 donation gave 60 different games, DLC, and items with two new games or items being released every single day as an advent calendar. Due to a huge increase in the number of donators compared to previous years, many games only had 50,000 keys available, leading to some games and items being sold out. All revenue earned from Twitch.tv advertising and subscriptions, and Christmas t-shirts was donated to the Jingle Jam as well.

All proceeds went toward benefiting: Mental Health Foundation, Cancer Research UK, International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, Special Effect, and GamesAid; as well as a new option to choose any charity of your choice from a list of hundreds of thousands of charities.

Over the course of the 2016 Christmas livestreams, a grand total of $2,577,801.17 was donated from 86,578 generous donations.[1][2]

2016 Event Guide[]

Date 11.00am - 2.00pm 2.00pm - 5.00pm 5.00pm - 8.00pm 8.00pm - 11.00pm After 11.00pm
Thursday 1st Warm Up Stream with Turps Jingle Cats with Simon and Lewis. Followed by Lewis, Duncan and Sjin - OpenTTD (Part 1, Part 2) and Farming Simulator
Friday 2nd Hannah and Caff playing Pokemon Sun and Moon Star Wars Roleplaying with Simon, Lewis, Sjin, Tom and Barry.
Saturday 3rd Nilesy's Protessional Strem
Sunday 4th Warm Up Stream with Zylus HighRollers The Story Continued... An Evening with Vadact
Monday 5th Office Cam Barry's Screen Cam Civ V / Civ 6 - 8 Way Game
Tuesday 6th Office Cam 2 Turps Plays Bundle Games Sjin's Big Night Feat. Hafu
Wednesday 7th Mornings with Caff Warm Up Stream with Martyn Hat Films Crimbo Album Stream
Thursday 8th Mornings with Hannah Warm Up Stream with Xbox On Games Night Stream
Friday 9th Mornings with Caff Turps Plays Bundle Games Hannah's Ladies Night
Saturday 10th Editors Stream Nilesy's Birthday Stream
Sunday 11th Warm Up Stream with Zylus Rythian and Ravs - Sweden Vs Scotland
Monday 12th More Office Cam! Nina Creative Stream Stellaris Big Stream with Lewis, Sjin, Duncan, Ben, Rythian, Caff, Sips!
Tuesday 13th Sips AM XBOX On Stream! Sips & Turps Dad City LUNCHABOIS with Sam, Tom H & Craig
Wednesday 14th Office Cam Warmup with Turps Fighting Fantasy with Lewis, Simon & Ciaran!
Thursday 15th Mornings with Hannah and Caff- Tabletop The Tom & Ben Jerk Off! IntheLittleWood Special Stream! Barry's Dank Souls! (Part 1, Part 2)
Friday 16th Mornings with Caff and Hannah! Vadact's Strategic Evening Kim, Katie & Kat - Better off Red! Totally Accurate BattleSimulator w/ 8BitDylan
Saturday 17th Overwatch Central visit Yogtowers The External Takeover with Zylus, Rythian, Ravs, Zoey & Fiona!
Sunday 18th HeyChrissa's Astroneer Warmup with Nysira and Sjin! HighRollers Christmas 6 hour Special with Kit Buss from CriticalRole. (Part 1, Part 2)
Monday 19th Office Cam Simon and Tom - The Tap Twins Hearts of Iron - 6 players
Tuesday 20th Pyrion Time - Playing Blood Bowl 2 Humble Bundle w/ Sjin and Duncan - Playing Robocraft Charaoke with Turps, Smith and Pyrion..
Wednesday 21st Pyrion Time - Playing Blood Bowl 2 Art Team Stream Hat Films RPG with Mark H. Counter Strike Pro - Miss Harvey
Thursday 22nd Hannah and Caff - Tabletop Sim Nysira and Zylish "Moar Board Games" with Kim and Mark Hulmes. Astroneer with Team Wheat
Friday 23rd Hannah and Caff - Civ VI Lewis & Lewis' Dad Dank Souls 3 with Vadact Counter Strike Pro - Miss Harvey
Saturday 24th N/A Christmas Eve Rolling Highlights N/A
Sunday 25th N/A Christmas Day Rolling Highlights N/A
Monday 26th N/A Boxing Day Rolling Highlights
Tuesday 27th Yogscast Christmas Quarry Mark Hulmes & Friends Wargaming Wrap Up Rooster Teeth
Wednesday 28th Mornings with Caff Rainbow Six Siege with Two Angry Gamers GTA V with Simon, Turps & CO
Thursday 29th Secret Hitler - Caff & Hannah Hue Playthrough w/ Turps Rainbow Six Siege with Two Even Angrier Gamers
Friday 30th 12 Hour Marathon - Caff and Hannah
Saturday 31st Jingle Jam Fizone (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) Twitch Mods New Years Stream (Part 1, Part 2)

Daily Donation Counter[]

Date Total Donations Total Change
Thursday 1st $284,384.37 $284,384.37
Friday 2nd $522,265.97 $237,881.60
Saturday 3rd $681,060.69 $158,794.72
Sunday 4th $783,269.28 $102,208.59
Monday 5th $912,143.38 $128,874.10
Tuesday 6th $1,041,371.38 $129,228.00
Wednesday 7th $1,186,562.01 $145,190.63
Thursday 8th $1,261,578.35 $75,016.34
Friday 9th $1,374,991.27 $113,412.92
Saturday 10th $1,521,276.74 $146,285.47
Sunday 11th $1,569,832.59 $48,555.85
Monday 12th $1,617,290.31 $47,457.72
Tuesday 13th $1,663,092.48 $45,802.17
Wednesday 14th $1,698,263.63 $35,171.15
Thursday 15th $1,740,456.43 $42,192.80
Friday 16th $1,798,145.50 $57,689.07
Saturday 17th $1,861,293.62 $63,148.12
Sunday 18th $1,946,646.77 $85,353.15
Monday 19th $2,025,024.98 $78,378.21
Tuesday 20th $2,108,914.22 $83,889.24
Wednesday 21st $2,169,648.09 $60,733.87
Thursday 22nd $2,217,645.51 $47,997.42
Friday 23rd $2,267,328.09 $49,682.58
Saturday 24th $2,304,157.46 $36,829.37
Sunday 25th $2,337,222.91 $33,065.45
Monday 26th $2,369,067.08 $31,844.17
Tuesday 27th $2,397,467.12 $28,400.04
Wednesday 28th $2,425,935.61 $28,468.49
Thursday 29th $2,451,562.14 $25,626.53
Friday 30th $2,503,742.45 $52,180.31
Saturday 31st $2,577,671.00 $73,928.55