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The 2017 Christmas Livestreams, nicknamed Yogscast Jingle Jam 2017, were the seventh annual charity livestreams. On November 28, 2017, Lewis announced during a vlog on the main channel that the livestreams would be returning. The first 3 weeks of the schedule were released on November 30, 2017. Morning streams started around 11:00 am GMT, with warm-up streams beginning straight afterwards at 2 pm. The main streams started at 5 pm and typically lasted 6 hours. YogsCinema was streamed afterwards where members of Twitch chat voted to play Yogscast videos live on stream.

Donations were handled through Humble Bundle, where donators received games for their contributions. A $5 donation gave two exclusive TF2 items, Mandrew's Munificent Mug, and Israphel's Eleemosynary Expression. A $35 donation gave 70+ games, DLC and items, with an RRP of $849, with new games or items being released every single day as an advent calendar.

All proceeds went towards benefiting: the Wallace & Gromit's Children's Foundation; Cancer Research UK; International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA); Whale and Dolphin Conservation; Special Effect; Mental Health Foundation; and Save the Children; as well as an option to choose any charity of your choice from a list of hundreds of thousands of charities. The bundle officially ended at 8:00 am GMT on January 1, 2018. The Yogscast won a 2018 Third Sector Award for their work with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation[1]

Over the course of the 2017 Christmas Livestreams, a grand total of $5,245,722 was raised from 148,853 generous donations.[2][3]

2017 Event Guide Edit

Date 11:00am - 2:00pm 2:00pm - 5:00pm 5:00pm - 8:00pm 8:00pm - 11:00pm After 11:00pm
Friday 1st Office Christmas Decorations! Turps & Zylus Festive Warmup Jingle Cats OpenTTD w/Lewis, Duncan, Sjin & Zylus YOGSCINEMA - Whale Lords
Saturday 2nd Barry's Rust Cam Rythian & Ravs Sweden vs Scotland Nilesy, Zylus & Panda Protessional Strem YOGSCINEMA - Deep Space Mine
Sunday 3rd Lewis's Stocking Fillers Sunday Afternoon Board Games Yogscast Wrestle Jam 2017 (Mark, Lewis, Zylus, Martyn, Tom H and Kim) DREAD (Horror RPG) YOGSCINEMA
Monday 4th Harry & Tom Guardians of Ember (Part 1, Part 2) Civ 5 with Lewis, Duncan, Sjin, Rythian, Ben & Caff

Red Alert

Tuesday 5th Lewis's Stocking Fillers Christmas Office Cocktails! Hat Films Music Stream YOGSCINEMA
Wednesday 6th Creative Day! Painting models! Art stream! GMod Build Challenge & TTT YOGSCINEMA
Thursday 7th Lewis's Stocking Fillers Xbox On! Lewis & Friends Tom & Barry Play Minecraft YOGSCINEMA
Friday 8th Lewis’ Stocking Fillers Hannah & Caff Chilluminati Special YOGSCINEMA
Saturday 9th YOGSCINEMA Vadact FiZone Martyn & Friends Play Minecraft YOGSCINEMA
Sunday 10th Lewis's Stocking Fillers (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) Sunday Afternoon Board Games YOGSCINEMA
Monday 11th Artists vs Editors Caff & Friends Hat Films Do Things
Tuesday 12th Lewis's Stocking Fillers Turps, Hafu, and Sjin play Hearthstone Poker Night Prosecco Party - Werewolf YOGSCINEMA
Wednesday 13th Artists vs Editors Becky & Mousie Barry, Pyrion & Wilsonator RUST or PUBG YOGSCINEMA
Thursday 14th Lewis's Stocking Fillers Sips Nilesy's Happy Little Trees Stream w/ Rythian Hafu and Sjin Hearthstone Aliciawins


Friday 15th Artists vs Editors - Finale Geestar & Friends Hannah, Caff & Radderss Ladies Night (Part 1, Part 2) YOGSCINEMA
Saturday 16th YOGSCINEMA Local Fun - Multiplayer Games FiZone Karaoke Night #1 YOGSCINEMA
Sunday 17th Lewis's Stocking Fillers Board Games High Rollers X-Mas Special djWHEAT & miniWHEAT


Monday 18th Turps, Lewis & Mousie Hearthstone Sjin Terraria Stream ft. Pedguin, ChippyGaming & PythonGB Turps and Sips DadDecks Special with Guests!


Tuesday 19th Lewis's Stocking Fillers Fighting Fantasy Book - Day 1 Overwatch Central ft. Stylosa & Valkia Two Angry Gamers


Wednesday 20th Turps & Smith build PCs Dumb modded HOI4 with ISP, Barry & Lewis (Part 1, Part 2) Runescape with Framed Kevin


Thursday 21st Lewis's Stocking Fillers (Part 1, Part 2) Fighting Fantasy Book - Day 2 Karaoke Stream #2 (Turps, Smith & the office) Drunk Karaoke Encore


Friday 22nd Cooking Stream (Part 1, Part 2) Lewis, Simon & Mousie Caff & Vadact YOGSCINEMA
Saturday 23rd YOGSCINEMA Nysira FiZone: The Sims 4 (Part 1, Part 2) YOGSCINEMA
Sunday 24th YOGSCINEMA - Trials of Derpulies YOGSCINEMA - Shadow of Israphel
Monday 25th YOGSCINEMA - Shadow of Israphel YOGSCINEMA - Gone in 60/61/62 Minutes YOGSCINEMA - Jaffa Factory
Tuesday 26th YOGSCINEMA - Jaffa Factory
Wednesday 27th 12 Hour Bonanza w/ Hannah, Caff, Radderss & Bertie YOGSCINEMA
Thursday 28th TriForce Live Lewis's Stocking Fillers Dungeons & Dafties, GM'd by Ravs, streamed by Nilesy, with Dafties crew
Friday 29th Lewis's Stocking Fillers Fighting Fantasy Book Day 3 Lewis & Turps Rythian & Discord Crew YOGSCINEMA
Saturday 30th YOGSCINEMA GTA with Vadact FiZone Nysira YOGSCINEMA
Sunday 31st Lewis's Stocking Fillers Board Games Mod Stream


Daily Donation Counter Edit

Date Total Donations Total Change
Friday 1st $1,464,080.01 $1,464,080.01
Saturday 2nd $2,116,521.29 $652,441.28
Sunday 3rd $2,418,785.87 $302,264.58
Monday 4th $2,760,588.54 $341,802.67
Tuesday 5th $3,055,371.66 $294,783.12
Wednesday 6th $3,301,768.24 $246,396.58
Thursday 7th $3,512,744.63 $210,976.39
Friday 8th $3,688,051.93 $175,307.30
Saturday 9th $3,820,142.75 $132,090.82
Sunday 10th $3,939,472.61 $119,329.86
Monday 11th $4,031,847.59 $92,374.98
Tuesday 12th $4,111,294.85 $79,447.26
Wednesday 13th $4,187,655.92 $76,361.07
Thursday 14th $4,253,147.09 $65,491.17
Friday 15th $4,338,906.12 $85,759.03
Saturday 16th $4,394,517.98 $55,611.86
Sunday 17th $4,471,823.74 $77,305.76
Monday 18th $4,524,613.25 $52,789.51
Tuesday 19th $4,591,077.38 $66,464.13
Wednesday 20th $4,638,115.86 $47,038.48
Thursday 21st $4,712,349.20 $74,233.34
Friday 22nd $4,776,255.93 $63,906.73
Saturday 23rd $4,826,388.07 $50,132.14
Sunday 24th $4,879,114.52 $52,726.45
Monday 25th $4,931,070.96 $51,956.44
Tuesday 26th $4,986,349.23 $55,278.27
Wednesday 27th $5,028,773.61 $42,424.38
Thursday 28th $5,065,984.75 $37,211.14
Friday 29th $5,118,681.39 $52,696.64
Saturday 30th $5,166,340.11 $47,658.72
Sunday 31st $5,244,771.00 $78,430.89



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