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The 2018 Christmas Livestreams, nicknamed Yogscast Jingle Jam 2018, were the eighth annual charity livestreams. On November 30, 2018, the first week stream lineup was announced, with the same time slots as the previous year. Morning streams began around 11:00 am GMT, with warm-up streams beginning straight afterwards at 2 pm. The main streams started at 5 pm and typically lasted 6 hours. YogsCinema was streamed afterwards where members of Twitch chat voted to play Yogscast videos live on stream.

Donations were handled through Humble Bundle, where donators received games for their contributions. 78 items were included in the bundle with a combined value of more than $750+, with new games revealed every single day. A $5 donation gave the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 C.O.D.E. Salute Pack. A $35 donation gave you access to everything included in the bundle.

All proceeds went towards benefiting multiple charities, including Call of Duty Endowment, Cancer Research UK, International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association, Mental Health Foundation, Save the Children, Special Effect, Wallace & Gromit's Grand Appeal, and Whale and Dolphin Conservation, as well as an option to choose any charity of your choice from a list of hundreds of thousands of charities.

Over the course of the 2018 Christmas Livestreams, a grand total of $3,307,929.36 was raised from 88,139 generous donations.

2018 Event Guide[]

Date 11:00am - 2:00pm 2:00pm - 5:00pm 5:00pm - 8:00pm 8:00pm - 11:00pm After 11:00pm
Saturday 1st Decorating the Office Warmup with Turps, Zylus, Mousie & Leo Jingle Cats with Lewis & Simon OpenTTD with Lewis, Sjin, Duncan & Rythian YogsCinema: MoonQuest
Sunday 2nd Stocking Stuffers Christmas World Building RP with Tom, Lewis, Sjin & Barry Highrollers Aerois Xmas, ft. Matthew Mercer Protessional Strem with Zylus, Nilesy, Ravs & Panda YogsCinema: MoonQuest
Monday 3rd Stocking Stuffers IRL Bristol Christmas Market with Turps & Lewis Farming Simulator with Lewis, Duncan & Sjin YogsCinema
Tuesday 4th Stocking Stuffers MMO Bros with Turps & Simon Hat Films Music Stream YogsCinema
Wednesday 5th Cooking on the Boat, ft. Briony from The Great British Bake Off Civ 5 Live with Lewis, Sjin, Duncan, Ben, Rythian & Daltos YogsCinema
Thursday 6th Stocking Stuffers LEGO Builds with Tom, Turps & Simon Karaoke #1 ft. live band YogsCinema
Friday 7th Stocking Stuffers Vidiots play Terrible Games Chilluminati Special Rainbow Six Siege YogsCinema
Saturday 8th Stocking Stuffers Overwatch Central Noxcrew Minecraft Gameshow Tom and Ben play Total War: Warhammer YogsCinema
Sunday 9th Stocking Stuffers Sweden vs. Scotland with Rythian and Ravs Highrollers - Honey Heist and Jason Stathams Vacation Bob Ross Paintathon with Nilesy YogsCinema
Monday 10th Stocking Stuffers Triforce Live RTGame and Tom play Cities Skylines Lewis, Sips & Pyrion play Dota and Rust YogsCinema
Tuesday 11th Stocking Stuffers HatFilms - "One" Tournament Heart of Iron Bois YogsCinema
Wednesday 12th ISP plays Mario Party Sips and Sjin Christmas Poker Tournament YogsCinema
Thursday 13th Stocking Stuffers Secret Santa and Cocktails with Lewis Christmas Roleplaying HatFilms Rainbow Six Seige YogsCinema
Friday 14th Stocking Stuffers Lewis with his Dad Karaoke Stream #2 YogsCinema
Saturday 15th Stocking Stuffers A Smashing Christmas Sims Ladies Night with Hannah and Friends Dressing up Caff in Drag YogsCinema
Sunday 16th Stocking Stuffers Paintlicking Party Highrollers Family Boardgames A Blobby Good Time!: Radderss and Bouphe YogsCinema
Monday 17th Stocking Stuffers Modded Terraria Simon & Lewis ft. Special Guest Nilesy YogsCinema
Tuesday 18th Stocking Stuffers Fortnite with InTheLittleWood and Pedguin Zoey's Super Long Stream

Heroes Of The Storm


Wednesday 19th Stocking Stuffers Turps and Smith Build a Computer Minecraft with Lewis, Simon, Duncan & Sjin Just Dance, Hosted by Mousie YogsCinema
Thursday 20th Stocking Stuffers Lewis Art Stream XCOM with Lewis and Ben YogsCinema
Friday 21st Nina and Harry Art Stream Artists vs. Editors Fighting Fantasy with Lewis & Simon YogsCinema
Saturday 22nd Stocking Stuffers Switch It Up Sex and Science Siege & Chill with Rythian, Nilesy, Ravs & Zoey Smash Bros. with Team Wheat


Sunday 23rd Stocking Stuffers XL Turps' Big Fat Quiz of the Year Hafu and Sjin Hearthstone YogsCinema
Monday 24th Stocking Stuffers (Part 1, Part 2) Turps and Lewis Build Christmas Presents Sjin's Birthday Cocktail Party YogsCinema
Tuesday 25th YogsCinema
Wednesday 26th
Thursday 27th Stocking Stuffers Lewis and Ben YogsCinema
Friday 28th Stocking Stuffers Best Boardgames Chilluminati YogsCinema
Saturday 29th Stocking Stuffers Colony Survival and Chill Secret Santa Album Remix YogsCinema
Sunday 30th Stocking Stuffers The Lost Videos with Lewis and Tom Bates Highrollers YogsCinema
Monday 31st Stocking Stuffers Armchair Admirals with Lewis, Daltos, Rythian & Duncan YogsCinema

Daily Donation Counter[]

Date Total Donations Total Change
Saturday 1st $990,506.69 $990,506.69
Sunday 2nd $1,470,430.32 $479,923.63
Monday 3rd $1,741,440.69 $271,010.37
Tuesday 4th $1,965,125.18 $223,684.49
Wednesday 5th $2,133,768.17 $168,642.99
Thursday 6th $2,259,745.27 $125,977.10
Friday 7th $2,350,710.00 $90,964.73
Saturday 8th $2,435,004.41 $84,294.41
Sunday 9th $2,528,247.57 $93,243.16
Monday 10th $2,586,536.12 $58,288.55
Tuesday 11th $2,631,299.27 $44,763.15
Wednesday 12th $2,673,617.70 $42,318.43
Thursday 13th $2,730,132.73 $56,515.03
Friday 14th $2,780,603.70 $50,470.97
Saturday 15th $2,822,444.63 $41,840.93
Sunday 16th $2,867,831.29 $45,386.66
Monday 17th $2,909,428.88 $41,597.59
Tuesday 18th $2,951,738.10 $42,309.22
Wednesday 19th $2,981,796.16 $30,058.06
Thursday 20th $3,017,768.72 $35,972.56
Friday 21st $3,050,299.64 $32,530.92
Saturday 22nd $3,078,174.00 $27,874.36
Sunday 23rd $3,104,574.00 $26,400.00
Monday 24th $3,138,331.02 $33,757.02
Tuesday 25th $3,165,326.07 $26,995.05
Wednesday 26th $3,181,876.40 $16,550.33
Thursday 27th $3,198,353.27 $16,476.87
Friday 28th $3,215,478.10 $17,124.83
Saturday 29th $3,233,727.26 $18,249.16
Sunday 30th $3,261,262.46 $27,535.20
Monday 31st $3,307,925.00 $46 662.54