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The 2019 Christmas Livestreams, nicknamed The Jingle Jam 2019, were the ninth annual charity livestreams. On November 12, 2019, the livestreams were officially confirmed to be returning.[1] On November 27, 2019, the first week stream lineup was announced, with the same time slots as the previous year.[2] Streams were broken up into 3 hour segments starting at 11am GMT and ending at 11pm GMT. Afterwards, reruns of that days streams were broadcasted.

Donations were handled through Humble Bundle, where donators received games for their contributions. The bundle had a combined value of more than $700+, with new games revealed every single day until December 20th as an advent calendar. A $5 donation gave the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Animated Calling Card. A $30 donation gave you access to all 60+ games included in the bundle.

All proceeds went towards benefiting multiple charities, including Wallace & Gromit's Grand Appeal, Mental Health Foundation, Special Effect, Stand Up To Cancer UK, War Child UK, Whale and Dolphin Conversation, Access Sport, and Call Of Duty Endowment, as well as an option to choose any charity of your choice from a list of hundreds of thousands of charities.

2019 Event Guide Edit

Date 11:00am - 2:00pm 2:00pm - 5:00pm 5:00pm - 8:00pm 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Sunday 1st Dressing the Office Jingle Jam Warm Up w/ Tom & Ben Jingle Cats w/ Lewis & Simon Trains and Chill w/ Lewis, Duncan & Friends
Monday 2nd Baubles w/ Bouphe & Lydia Farming Simulator w/ Lewis, Duncan, Ben & Spiff Hat Films Christmas Album
Tuesday 3rd HUGE Minecraft Server w/ Everyone
Wednesday 4th Jingle Jam is Perfectly Balanced Hat Films Suck at Painting w/ Bouphe The Jingle Jerk Off w/ Tom & Ben Protessional Strem
Thursday 5th Community Dragon Slayer Christmas Mysteries w/ Lewis, Lydia & Guests Civilization 5 w/ Lewis, Duncan, Rythian, Spiff & More
Friday 6th Team Double Awkward w/ Lewis & Alex Risk the Board Game Chilluminati Nativity Scotland vs. Sweden
Saturday 7th Crimbo Colony Crew w/ Lewis, Leo, Ped & Ravs Pre-Poker Party w/ Ben & Harry Poker Tournament
Sunday 8th Jingle Jam Bundle Games Star Wars Roleplay w/ Bouphe & Spiff High Rollers Christmas Special Rust Served Madness
Monday 9th Christmas Studs w/ Simon, Nina & Bouphe T.A.B.S. H.O.R.S.E. Tournament Nazis vs. The Good Guys Xmas Just Dance w/ Mousie & Zylus
Tuesday 10th Cooking Stream w/ Hat Films, Lydia, Fiona & Bouphe Terraria w/ Pedguin & Friends
Wednesday 11th Bodega Radio Play Live 2/ Pyrion & Guests Pre-Party Karaoke Karaoke Night
Thursday 12th Wrestling Yogs Rumble w/ Duncan IRL Christmas Market w/ Lewis, Sips & Special Guests Garrys Mod Build Off Special Recreating Christmas Movies in Sims 4
Friday 13th 3 Dads and an Irishman w/ Ben, Sips, Pyrion & RTGames Pokemon Go, Geoguessr & Board Games w/ Zylus, Mousie & Friends Sweaty Shooters w/ Sips, Ravs, Pyrion & Geestar Dead By Daylight
Saturday 14th Morning Tea and Chat w/ Lewis & Friends Hat Films in London
Gingerbread House Making
Games Night Boardgames Overwatch Central
Sunday 15th Christmas Chilling w/ Lewis & Gee Kim's Birthday Party w/ Friends High Rollers Lo-Fi Music Remixes w/ Martyn & Sparkles
Monday 16th Games & Chill w/ Ben & Duncant Minecraft Special w/ RTGame & Lewis Call of Cthulhu
Tuesday 17th Paintlicking RTGame Wii Sports HatFilms Music Remix Hunting with Marbles
Wednesday 18th Benga w/ Tom & Ben Game Jam Top 10 Finals Fighting Fantasy Christmas Pokemon
Thursday 19th Bundles and Mysteries TBC Fizone Special - Make The Yuletide Gay
Friday 20th Christmas Warmer w/ Ben & Duncan Secret Santa Opening Big Fat Quiz of the Year Important Videos w/ the Chilluminati
Saturday 21st Colony Crew Super Stocking Stuffer Sex & Science Fizone Festive Fun
Sunday 22nd Stocking Stuffers w/ Very Special Guest Rum Chums Jail Break Minecraft Madness Yogscinema
Monday 23rd Humble Games & Mysteries w/ Lewis and Lydia Christmas Puzzles Christmas Chillout w/ Leo and Pedguin Pyrionflax Takeover w/ Pflax Scrubs
Tuesday 24th Yogscinema - Rewatching Classic Minecraft Series!
Wednesday 25th Yogscinema - Rewatching Classic Minecraft Series!
Thursday 26th Yogscinema - Rewatching Classic Minecraft Series!
Friday 27th Stocking Stuffers w/ Lewis and Friends Super Fun Smileyface Day :) Yogscinema
Saturday 28th Colony Crew Christmas w/ Lewis, Leo, Pedguin and Ravs Fizone Finale Yogscinema
Sunday 29th Warhammer 40K Appocalypse Mega-Game - Battle For Prospero Battle Boardgames Yogscinema
Monday 30th Studs Lego Building Fighting Fantasy Pokemon Nuzlite Randomizer Yogscinema
Tuesday 31st Game Of The Year Armchair Admirals Super Bumper New Years Special - A Whole Collection Of Yogs!

Daily Donation Counter Edit

Date Total Donations Total Change
Sunday 1st $839,266.00 $839,266.00
Monday 2nd $1,201,113.94 $361,847.94
Tuesday 3rd $1,370,728.47 $169,614.53
Wednesday 4th $1,560,912.97 $190,184.50
Thursday 5th $1,685,085.04 $124,172.07
Friday 6th $1,790,666.54 $105,581.50
Saturday 7th $1,883,784.64 $93,118.10
Sunday 8th $1,970,435.69 $86,651.05
Monday 9th $2,028,499.35 $58,063.66
Tuesday 10th $2,085,745.21 $57,245.86
Wednesday 11th $2,125,811.51 $40,066.30
Thursday 12th $2,159,792.86 $33,981.35
Friday 13th $2,201,670.49 $41,877.63
Saturday 14th $2,244,136.65 $42,466.16
Sunday 15th $2,286,758.06 $42,621.41
Monday 16th $2,322,848.03 $36,089.97
Tuesday 17th $2,353,588.52 $30,740.49
Wednesday 18th $2,385,790.31 $32,201.79
Thursday 19th $2,427,780.56 $41,990.25
Friday 20th $2,463,734.96 $35,954.40
Saturday 21st $2,508,290.92 $44,555.96
Sunday 22nd $2,529,216.31 $20,925.39
Monday 23rd $2,553,049.45 $23,833.14
Tuesday 24th $2,577,614.79 $24,565.34
Wednesday 25th $2,600,951.77 $23,336.98
Thursday 26th $2,614,949.69 $13,997.92
Friday 27th $2,629,131.38 $14,181.69
Saturday 28th $2,648,580.04 $19,448.66
Sunday 29th $2,662,537.11 $13,957.07
Monday 30th $2,684,476.53 $21,939.42
Tuesday 31st $2,726,183.18 $41,706.65



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