Clustertruck is a platform indie game developed by Landfall Games and published by tinyBuild Games. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, and PlayStation 4 on 27 September 2016. The game's name is a play on the word "clusterfuck", describing "a chaotic situation where everything seems to go wrong".[1]


  • Duncan and Kim were the first people in the Yogscast to have played Clustertruck. Their aim was for one of them to 'Rage Out' whilst playing the game.
  • Martyn has played the game on his channel.

Episode GuideEdit

InTheLittleWood — Clustertruck
Video Name Table yt
Clustertruck Part 1 / THIS, IS HARDCORE PARKOUR!! Watch
Clustertruck Part 2 / ICEY WHAT TO DO! Watch
Clustertruck Part 3 / A CASTLE HAS ITS LASERS Watch
Clustertruck Part 4 / INDIANA JONES BOULDER?! Watch
Clustertruck / SEASONAL LEVELS Watch
Clustertruck Part 5 / TRON MINUS BIKES! Watch
Clustertruck Part 6 / GETTING IN TO GEAR! Watch
Clustertruck Part 7 / MOLTEN CORE BOSS (Final) Watch
Clustertruck: LASER SHAVER?! (Custom Levels) Watch
WHAT THE GOLF? - Clustertruck + Superhot Levels?! Watch
Duncan — Clustertruck
Video Name Table yt
Clustertruck - RAGE TIME Watch


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