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Dafydd, usually known as Daf, is the resident handyman intern at YogTowers, and its mascot Welshman (which garners some bullying from the Anglo-Saxons). He mainly works behind the scenes in the office, including the management of the official Yogscast social media, though he has appeared in a few Youtube videos, mostly on the Hat Films channel. He also sometimes makes cameos on Twitch livestreams.


  • One of Daf's first appearances was the video where he ate canned bread off the floor.[2]
  • Daf is mainly known by the fanbase for his part in the karaoke livestreams, with many believing he has one of if not the best singing voice in the Yogs.
  • Daf is in charge of (i.e forced to by Lewis) vetting the fan-submitted Jingle Cats for the yearly Christmas Livestreams, including a rating and brief description. Given that there are over a thousand submitted videos that Daf has to go through, Simon has speculated that this may be detrimental to his sanity.



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