Dan Bull is a YouTuber under the name douglby. He makes gaming raps, and made one, Kicky Kicky Flow, with the Yogscast. He has also made a rap for Martyn's 1000th video called 'InTheLittleWood Rap'. Dan has Asperger's Syndrome. He has released two albums, entitled Safe and Face. Face is currently available for free from Dan's Facebook page.


Dan Bull has appeared once in a Yogscast video, called Kicky Kicky Flow. However, he also made a video on his own channel, called "A surprise for the Yogscast," possibly made before going to YogTowers to film Kicky Kicky Flow. In it, he combines Yogurts, and the Sega Dreamcast, to make a "Yogscast," which he called Yoggy, taking it back to its mother, Simon.  

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