The Dark Constructions are structures that mysteriously appeared during Shadow of Israphel. At first it seemed obvious that they had been built by Israphel, but it is possible that they were built by the people of Minecraftia a long time ago, and are much older than first thought.

There is a chance Duncan is the creator of all these constructions.

List Of Known Dark ConstructionsEdit

Information regarding each Dark Construction to have appeared in chronological order.

Name Description Status Image
The Mysterious Tree An oddly shaped tree just outside of The YogCave. It was the first Dark Construction to be discovered by the pair. It seems to have a two-pronged fork-like shape and is rather tall. It first appeared in Minecraft - Part 6: The Mysterious Tree and was trimmed by Honeydew for materials. Trimmed Tree Of Mystery
The Lava Pyramid The Lava Pyramid was first discovered by Xephos and Honeydew at the end of Minecraft - Part 6: The Mysterious Tree and explored by Honeydew and Xephos in Minecraft - Part 7: The Trial of the Pyramid and Minecraft - Part 9: Epic Dungeon Loot.

The pyramid itself is made primarily of stone and capped with gold. The interior consists mostly of a giant pool of lava and stepping stones. Across the other side of the lava is a platform set of three chests which contained seventeen torches, three pieces of pork and four eggs. It was later seen to have been damaged, most likely in the crash of The Celaeno.

Damaged LavaPyramid
The Igloo The Igloo is a small hut constructed out of snow blocks with a firepit in the center. Not much is known about it other than the possibility that it was created by Israphel. Honeydew was quite assertive the igloo was made of wool blocks, and he never found out he was wrong. Intact CropperCapture-44-
The Hidden Mineshaft In Minecraft - Part 8: The Quest for the Bucket, at precisely 9:50 in an incorrectly loaded chunk an underground staircase lit by torches can be seen. At no point on screen are either Honeydew or Xephos digging this tunnel so it can be assumed that either someone else dug it or one of them dug it off screen. Since it is unlikely to have been dug by our heroes, it was presumably built by Israphel and may have been his escape route after his first attack on The YogCave. Presumed Intact Hiddenmine
Stonehenge Stonehenge is a smaller version of a real-life site. It is composed of several stones in arches. Not much is known about this place other than the possibility that Israphel created it. Stonehenge appears in Minecraft - Part 7: The Trial of the Pyramid. Intact CropperCapture-45-
Clay House In Minecraft - Part 20: Terrible Switchback Stairs, Xephos spies a torch in the distance while exploring the top of the back door to The YogCave. Honeydew and Xephos make their way over and discover the Clay House.

The Clay House is a small roofless hut made of clay bricks and overgrown with trees. It is empty with no signs of furniture or items aside from a few torches and pillars. Not much is known about this place other than the possibility that it was created by Israphel as a secret hideout to spy on our heroes.



Tunnel to Terrorvale The Tunnel to Terrorvale is a structure in Minecraft - Part 27: The Tunnel Run. It is a long tunnel built by Israphel. It begins near Israphel's Castle all the way towards a hidden hole above the Cave of Terror. It is likely that Israphel used it to escape and to get around the The YogCave. Intact Tunnel2Terrorvale


  • The Lava Pyramid was initially thought to be the work of Israphel, but it is noted that the Pyramid predates both the creation of the Hellgate and Israphel's debut. However, since other aspects of Israphel's work (The YogCave back door's trap) pre-date the Gate, this does not mean he did not create the Pyramid.
  • The Pyramid was used in a mod spotlight as the location for Lewis' cheese portal to the moon.
  • When naturally spawning Desert Temples were added in Minecraft 1.3, Lewis questioned if Jeb had got the idea from the Lava Pyramid, but this is unlikely.
  • In Duncan and Sjin's Skyblocks series, it was revealed that Duncan's first creation in Minecraft was an igloo with fire inside. He said "Ha Ha, it's not melting." an insult to Notch about the realism in Minecraft. This is likely to be the very same igloo found near the Yogcave, meaning the other Dark Creations may not be Israphels work.
  • In Artisan #3 Doctor's Orders on the main channel, Duncan confirmed that the Igloo in Shadow of Israphel was indeed his creation and that he was surprised torches did not melt the snow.
  • If you look closely at the Stonehenge, it seems to spell out the word 'Lalna', which is Duncan Jones' username.

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