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Dave Bagnall, known by the username DaveChaos, is a former content producer for the Yogscast. Dave has been affiliated with the Yogscast since 2011, and joined officially in 2013. He previously produced let's plays, gaming videos, and tech reviews for his YouTube channel in association with the Yogscast, however he left the network in early 2016 to pursue a career in prop making.

Dave first got in contact with the Yogscast in 2011 when Lewis was looking for volunteer builders for Shadow of Israphel. When submitting his building idea, Dave also added a small message asking if they'd like to come onto his server and play some golf in Minecraft, which led to the Yog-Golf series.

Yogscast Website SummaryEdit

After years of searching for ancient antiquities, Dave eventually discovered the secret of the hallowed Yogscast tower. Once he gained entry he found the Yog tribe and he was instantly accepted as one of their own all because he is genuinely one of the nicest people out there.


  • Dave is 5 feet, 8 inches (177 cm).
  • Since departing from the Yogscast, Dave has started working as a professional prop maker and produces content under the brand Tip Top Workshop.
  • Dave's Minecraft skin and former channel art is inspired by Indiana Jones.
  • He is engaged to Toni Sykes. He has a son named Jack and a daughter named Katie.
  • He served in the military.
  • The name "DaveChaos" came from Dave's name and Casey Chaos, the leader of the band, AMEN.
  • Dave's main persona for his channel is Dr. David Grizwald Chaos, DaveChaos for short, and he was connected with the YogLabs and Shadow of Israphel storylines.
  • Dave's favourite snack food is chocolate and his favourite type of cheese is cheddar.
  • His preferred genres of movies are sci-fi and adventure and his favourite video game series is BioShock. The first video game he remembers playing is Bomberman.
  • His favourite element on the periodic table is Hydrogen.
  • Dave's favourite YouTuber is comicbookgirl19.

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