Dave Boddington, full name being David Boddington, under the alias Bodders, was a Production and Development Manager at the Yogscast.

On the 28th of February 2014, he announced, via Twitter, that he joined the Yogscast. He left the Yogscast on 18 December 2015, due to internal changes within the company.

Yogscast Website SummaryEdit

Bodders joined the Yogscast in 2014 as Production and Development Manager, bringing with him a unique blend of stiff upper lip, derring-do and unwavering politeness. He spent his formative years in the tutelage of an Italian fencing master, before besting his nemesis in a duel, and going on to work for the likes of the Discovery Channel, History Channel, Endemol, and more recently Future Publishing where he launched several gaming video brands.


  • Bodders enjoys cycling.
  • Bodders has done a 350+ miles cycle.
  • Bodders is from Bath, Somerset.
  • Bodders is a fan of the History and Discovery channels.




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