"Hello, Folks!"

Dave Fayram, otherwise known as KirinDave, is an associate of the Yogscast and was the Head Admin of the Yogscast Complete Pack and the Resonant Rise modpack. Dave played on the server alongside their wife, PaprikaSu. Dave also hosted two series of their playthrough on their channel, one with PaprikaSu called Dave & Su Play Yogscast Complete, and the other by themself called Minecraft The Hard Way.

Flux Buddies[edit | edit source]

Dave appeared in Flux Buddies episode 126, leading a group of vampires to attack the Flux Buddy base. The group retreated after a few, including Dave, were killed by Moses the slime who then fell. The second wave caused more damage to the base, but all the vampires were killed apart from Dave who used a wand to transport Kim into a maze dimension, before vanishing. In episode 167 of Flux Buddies it is revealed that Lalnable[2] has been forcing them to serve his will by holding their coffins captive and drip-feeding them blood.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Dave founded and maintained the ExaltedWiki until January 2005.
  • Lewis said to Simon that KirinDave was basically the God of the Yogscast Complete server.
  • Dave helped set up two episodes of YogLabs during their visit to YogTowers.
  • On August 31, 2014 Dave and their wife PaprikaSu, had a daughter, Vesper Fayram.
  • Has a Twitch channel where they often stream themself on the Yogscast Complete server. Their streams can be viewed here.
  • Has a dog named Archer, and formerly another dog named Fisher, both greyhounds.
  • Dave is 5 feet, 10 inches (178 cm) tall.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Hello, Folks!"
  • "Diggy diggy."
  • Ridgedog: "Cross, but I fixed it, I fixed all the problems." Dave: "for every problem you fix, you cause five."
  • "A bit busy at the moment thinking about puppies, kittens, and curses. A few of my favorite things."
  • (sung to the English dub opening theme of Sailor Moon) "Saving Mickey by moonlight/ killing Ridgedog in the daylight/ never running from a real fight/ - except when there's a good chance he will lose and then he tries to pursue at a more optimal time - moon."
  • (to Mickey 2.0) "woooo wooo mickey..... what are you doing over there bro?"

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