Dead Workers Party was the company and group of Brent Copeland and Eric Fullerton. They were most well-known to be the creators and co-hosts of The Shaft podcast. They joined the Yogscast on February 7, 2014, but left the Yogscast on the 27th of September of the same year due to financial issues within the company.

The company dissolved in October 2014 and Brent and Eric went on to create separate YouTube channels, on the 14th February 2015 a new video went up on the channel with a comment left stating that 3 of the original 5 partners of the party still remain and want to bring out new content and that DWP is still around, just under a different name.


Brent and Eric (also known as the Dead Workers Party) bring to you original music, Minecraft adventures, various gaming videos and of course, The Shaft - The #1 Minecraft Podcast. Eric is the one who creates the music you love to sing and he also loves editing Minecraft adventures to make you feel like you are watching a movie. Brent, well… he’s just big and goofy.


The Dead Workers Party hosted quite a few podcasts:

  • The Shaft: Their most popular podcast in which the hosts discuss Minecraft-related topics with Minecraft-related guests - Discontinued.
  • Control Point: Their first podcast in which the hosts discussed Team Fortress 2 related topics - Discontinued.
  • Ye Olde Republic: Their podcast about Bioware's Star Wars MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic in which the hosts talk about topics related to the game - Discontinued.
  • Core Elements: Their podcast that focuses on the developer's side of video gaming that has featured many different guests from within the gaming industry - Discontinued.
  • Nation of Gamers: Their podcast that focuses on the gamer side of video gaming and discusses many topic related to video gaming in general - Discontinued. 
  • On Smite: Their podcast on all things Smite. It is hosted by Brent and Nivekeryas. Eric used to be a host.
  • Hunting for Health: Their podcast on "providing cutting edge health that you won't get from typical media sources" - Discontinued.
  • World of WoW: Their podcast on World of Warcraft and topics relating to said game - Discontinued.
  • The Daily Gamer: A daily podcast in which each episode focused on a different game - Discontinued.
  • The Safe House: A podcast about the game, Left 4 Dead. Discontinued.


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