Ben sitting with Turps and Lewis after Disco Night.

Ben, more commonly known as "Dealer Ben" or "Ben The Dealer," is the dealer for every 2018 Yogscast Pokerist sponsored match.  It is known that he is a professional dealer at a casino in the UK.  He was already a fan of the Yogscast prior to working with them.

Poker StreamsEdit

For the 2018 Pokerist streams, Ben usually remains silent for the duration of the game, commonly interviewed afterwards by Pyrion and Tom.  Some Yogscast Twitch viewers have complained that dealer Ben is never given enough time to speak, being a key part of these streams.  Ben was also the dealer for Tom and Pyrion's bonus match during the end of Disco Night, which was Tom's first ever recorded poker match as well as poker win.  Many commentators and players, mainly Lewis, have affectionately joked that Ben has rigged the deck whenever someone gets a good hand.

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