Drahl is a member of the World of Warcraft guild Ye Olde Goone Squade who appeared in some of the Yogscast's earliest World of Warcraft videos, as well as a guest appearance in YoGPoD 10 and 32.

On one occasion Drahl asked Lewis, Simon, and Yohi for advice on how to attract members of the opposite gender. Yohi suggested that he shaved under his armpits, so that he'd have hair all over his body apart from under his arms. Drahl decided to ignore Yohi for good reasons. In YoGPoD 10, Drahl explains that whilst he was "engaging" with the woman who he was courting, he put some music on, only for a previous episode of The YoGPoD to come on. Lewis joked that it would have been funny if the woman had sat up and done the Yognau(gh)t salute.

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