Duck Game is side-view arena-based multiplayer game developed and published by Adult Swim Games. The game was released on Steam and Ouya on December 2014.


  • The whole Yogscast family have played it together, and the majority of games have been uploaded onto Kim's channel. Rythian, Zylus, Zoey and Kim are part of the recurring group that play this game the most.
  • Martyn has also played it apart of his Little and Cubed Series.

Episode GuideEdit

YOGSCAST Kim — Duck Game
Video Name Table yt
DUCK GAME - My Goose Was Cooked! Watch
DUCK GAME - Murder Most Fowl Watch
DUCK GAME - Total Clusterduck Watch
DUCK GAME - Quack Heads Watch
DUCK GAME - The Duck Warrior! Watch
DUCK GAME! - Fried Duck Watch
DUCK GAME - A Ducking Good Time Watch
DUCK GAME - Zoey Vs Rythian Watch
DUCK GAME MODDED! - Singed Feathers Watch
DUCK GAME MODDED! - Hardcore RP! Watch
DUCK GAME MODDED! - John Cena! Watch
DUCK GAME MODDED! - Quack Shot! Watch
DUCK GAME MODDED! - Duck Jesus Watch
DUCK GAME MODDED! - Duck Stand-Off Watch
DUCK GAME! Tracer Here! Watch
YOGSCAST Martyn — Duck Game
Video Name Table yt
Little And Cubed: Duck Game Multiplayer (Round 1) Watch
Little And Cubed And Pubbie: Duck Game (Round 2) Watch
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