Elwyn Sorrowsong is an female elf who had overthrown Eldraphyn from her father's throne, with help from Lord Blackwood. She holds a piece of the Goddess Renzovia, whom Sjin is on a quest to reconstruct. Sjin has now successfully killed her to earn the boons of the deity Renozovia.


Elwyn is an elf, with long brown hair and green eyes.


Not much is known about Elwyn, except for the fact she seemed to have been a highly influential figure in Alfheim, and she had a distaste for Oberon (who was apparently a drug addict), which prompted the coup. When Sjin came with Eldraphyn to take the throne back, she warned Sjin about the danger of putting Renzovia back together, which Sjin responded to by killing her. She also called Renzovia an "evil goddess" possibly implying that she knew or knew of Renzovia, despite being isolated from Minecraftia in the parallel dimension of Aelfheim.


She seems to be rather abrupt, talking down to Sjin as soon as she meets him, and learns of his association with Renzovia, despite not knowing him.


She overthrew Oberon, took over the crown, and banished Eldraphyn from Alfheim forever. She considers Renzovia to be evil.

Abilities & PowersEdit

Elwyn does not seem to have any distinct ability or power. As she didn't have any opportunity to counter Sjin's attack before he killed her.


  • Although Sjin calls Elwyn Sorrowsong, her name is misspelled Sorrowong. This is obviously a mistake.
  • Elwyn Sorrowsong's username was formerly Reverend John.[1]




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