Emotes Song is a song written, sung and produced by Hat Films which was released on December 4th, 2015. The song was written and recorded live during Hat Films' musical stream on the 4th of December for the 2015 Jingle Jam.

Emotes Sons was released in the album Population: You, along with 6 other tracks which were also written and recorded during the stream.


This is for all of you in chat,
spamming away...

What a lonely road!
When I'm spamming,
those fucking emotes!
I just loged into a Jingle Jam chat,
wanna Kappa, put a Kappa, in that!

Lonely day,
When I'm fucking spamming Kappas anyway!
Was a, fucking, door crying and saxophones in my fucking,
spamming shit!

I blame VeteranHarry,
for his fucking, dank memes everyday!
Fucking get in the way of the,
good things we say!

Fucking emotes,
I look at the multi-emotes,
There's one of Trott, fucking, opening his mouth!

It ruins my day!
Why can't I just get what I want to say,
Without these fucking emotes in my way!

They're not emotive.
They're just memes,
That have no meaning...

There's one of Lewis,
and one from that game where the guy has no skin,
and the other one with the pigeon that has a lmao,
and the Eat Shit!

There's scrub hypes,
That encourages donations so we get more money!
There's Duncan with goggles,
there's a little Corgi,
And there's Sips with a can and a fist in the air!

And there's a TNT,
And there's a Honeydew,
And a dwarf, that's looking back at you!

And there's a Lewis,
And staring at me, there's a rainbow!
Why can't I be free,
Like that emote!

Free like these emotes,
Free like these emotes,
Free like these emotes, Ohh Ahh!

Oh, free like these emotes,
Free like these emotes,
Set free! Set them free! Free! Free! Free! Free! FREE!

That emote's staring back at me.
And he says:
"Why do you spam me?"

I used to be unique,
I used to be important,
But now I'm just spammed everywhere,
And it's lost its motif!"

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