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FTB With Nilesy is the Feed The Beast series for Nilesy. He is currently focusing on the mod Thaumcraft and had not done much in relation to his pool company. He used to live in a cave near Lombucket Industries (Hannah's company) where he had a small farm where he grew various plants (mainly sugar cane).


When the server was changed to FTB (Yogcraft), he went out looking for newly loaded chunks. While exploring, Nilesy found a small volcano with a cave carved into the back. Inside, he found a small room with several stacks of ladders. The ladders were in stacks of the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42. The number of ladders alludes to a series of numbers on the TV series Lost, in which the numbers hold a certain pancake. After climbing down a pit, with lava at the bottom, housed in the volcano, Nilesy found a small locked chamber. It was connected to a computer which read: 4 8 15 16 23. Nilesy, having used the ladders from the chest, had to wait for the next episode to get the missing last number. After entering the last number, 42, the door to the small chamber was opened. The chamber contained a command block and a lever, which when powered teleported Nilesy to a jungle temple. Nilesy and Hannah have taken over the temple and currently utilise it as their base. He also wanted to team up with Ravs but had to leave in a hurry after flooding the Crooked Caber with chickens before the shock wore off. It's assumed that after all the time spent with Rythian, Zoey and Teep, Nilesy wanted to try his hand at magic and he is currently paired up with Hannah.

Nilesy's ultimate goal was to fill a moat around their base with cats, while Hannah trains dogs. Nilesy currently has one main cat, Mr Cat, who often gets stuck in the floor. Due to the need for lots of fish to train cats with, Nilesy often goes fishing and tells interesting stories as he does so.

Episode Guide[]

Nilesy — FTB with Nilesy
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