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Father Braeburn is the priest of the Church of the Holy Apple/Record in Mistral City and has devoted his life to serve the great Notch. He has the appearance of Elvis and constantly sings and hums to numerous tunes. He eventually got bored of the Holy Apple and switched to a Holy Record because of his musical interest.

He requests the Holy Record as a new item of worship from the heroes as they requested his Holy Golden Apple and sets off to renovate his church into the Church of the Holy Record. This new item of worship, a record, seems to fit his appearance and general demeanor a lot more than the previous one, an apple. The Holy Record was previously owned by Skylord Jasper.

The details of his relationship with the townsfolk is unknown but he seems to be friendly with Skylord Lysander. He may be Granny Bacon's grandson as he said that Granny Bacon was his "Grandmother" in Minecraft - Granny Bacon's Funeral (Shadow of Israphel Special), though this episode was non-canon.

After the burning of Mistral he moved to Icaria with the other residents, and left behind the Holy Record in a hurry.  He asked the heroes to retrieve it with a set of signposts outside the church.

It seems as if Father Braeburn did not get a chance to change his outfit to work with the Holy Record instead of the Holy Apple, before Mistral City was burnt down by Jock Fireblast. It can also be noted that Father Braeburn was named after the cultivar of apple called Braeburn, which might be the fact his church was the church of the Holy Apple.

Character Popularity[]

In a poll that was held from January to February 2013 on this wiki with all Season 3 characters to choose from, Father Braeburn was placed 13th overall with 31 votes out of 4412 votes.

Memorable Quotes[]

  • "Humba-humba-humba-humba!" (Father Braeburn humming a tune.)
  • "Woooooorld Holes!" (Father Braeburn singing a song about world holes on Honeydew and Xephos' way to Mistral City.)
  • "I can remember her last confession... Having sex with a randy dwarf behind the counter of her greasy spoon shoppe" (Referring to Granny Bacon at her funeral)