Fun Friday (previously known as Fan Friday), was a series posted on the BlueXephos YouTube channel in which every Friday, Simon and Lewis play a 'fun' game that is usually a flash game or a game they have never played before. Most of the time the games that they play are sent to them or are aspiring indie games.

Episode GuideEdit

Simon and Lewis — Fun Friday
Video Name Table yt
Sumotori Dreams - Lewis vs Simon Watch
Fan Friday - Guns of Icarus Watch
Fan Friday - Forza Horizon Watch
Fan Friday - Sumoturi Mods Watch
Fun Friday - Realistic Summer Sports Simulator Watch
Fun Friday - The Stanley Parable Watch
Fun Friday - Cod of Duty Watch
Fun Friday - London Underground Simulator Watch
Fun Friday - Amputea Watch
Fun Friday - Super Duck Punch Watch
Fun Thursday - Crabitron & Sorcery! Watch
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