Win RatesEdit

Player Winning rounds Total rounds Win rate
Sjin 7 20 0.35
Duncan 6 20 0.3
Trott 4 15 0.266666667
Lewis 4 21 0.19047619
Sips 6 24 0.25
Ross 2 3 0.666666667
Alsmiffy 1 4 0.25
Turps 0 6 0

Most Used WordsEdit

  • A total of 188 words have been used in a pair.
    • Five words were used three times; they were Pill, Head, Man, Moisture and Horse.
    • 31 words were used two times.
    • 151 words were used once.

Full ResultsEdit

GAMES NIGHT - Snake Oil - Debt Star
Customer Sips Duncan Lewis Trott Sjin Winner
Couch Potato Sleep Mountain Fart Pill - Murder Computer Noise Head Duncan
Secret Admirer Tape Cream - Love Glue Kiss Hook Bush Camera Sjin
Mortician - Tear Whistle Candy Alarm Angry Desk Fear Hormone Trott
Protester Chain Tent Sun Paper Garbage Bra Photo Paint - Duncan
Dictator Stick Rock Pony Gun Monkey Crown - Knife Hat Sjin
Teenager Revenge Scarf Juice Cannon - Mistake Shirt Tofu Pipe Trott
Vampire Fluid Towel - Tragedy Balloon Coffin Space Debt Star Trott
GAMES NIGHT - Snake Oil - Moon Silence
Customer Sips Duncan Lewis Trott Sjin Winner
Pregnant Woman Button TV Pain Suit - Glove Box Virus Helmet Trott
Kindergartener Yawn Cloud - Diaper Fan Wind Cup Pizza Party Sjin
Fashion Model - Vomit Napkin Glitter Tie Wig Team Brain Horn Duncan
Soldier Skin Patch Banana Tree Lightning Shovel Bomb Bracelet - Lewis
Rock Star Snow Basket Slide Cape String Tooth - Nose Laser Sjin
Pro Wrestler Moon Silence Scream Man - Alcohol Sweat Rocket Hug Sjin
GAMES NIGHT - Snake Oil - Urge Worm
Customer Sips Duncan Lewis Trott Sjin Winner
Rapper Book Soap Tongue Oil - Fire Tank Hose Mouth Duncan
Hunter Moisture Goggles - Horse Couch Cheese Net Drum Oven Sips
Babysitting Cheerleader - Secret Spring Dirt Tunnel Dream Parade Rumour Kit Duncan
Cowboy Urge Worm Umbrella Table Bottle Robot Jacket Cage - Sips
Beggar Spit Magnet Water Friend Traffic Bag - Underwear Boots Duncan
Horn Wall - Snake Oil - GAMES NIGHT
Customer Ross Sips Lewis Alsmiffy Winner
Dumpster Diver Gun Broom - Robot Horse Joy Bowl Lewis
Sports Mascot - Diamond Lock Moisture Head Brick Whistle Sips
Ninja Brain Wind Revenge Powder Dream Pad - Ross
Zombie - Man Meat Alsmiffy
Prison Guard Horn Wall Junk Pill - Love Stick Ross
DRUG LORD - Snake Oil - Games Night
Customer Turps Sips Lewis Sjin Duncan Winner
Alien Wax Mountain Energy Diamonds - Horse Head Moisture Mouth Sips
Dictator Glue Closet Urge Pill TV Team - Faith Vacuum Lewis
Rock Star Insect Hair Tooth Slide Suit Hood Beach Ball - Sips
ONE POUND FISH - Snake Oil (Games Night)
Customer Turps Sips Lewis Sjin Duncan Winner
Pregnant Woman - Stool Book Candy Child Power Butter Belly Hose Sjin
Beggar Shame Shirt - Garbage Map Dirt Truck Anger Dance Lewis
Cowboy Man Meat Party String - Ear Phone Kiss Ticket Sjin
Teacher War Game Excuse Armour Fire Table - Pleasure Toe Sips
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