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"If hidden games are what you seek, the task ahead is not so bleak. When you find what lies within, the fabled cave of the Game Goblin. Ah ha ha ha ha ha!"

Game Goblin was a gaming series hosted by Simon and Tom. The first episode was posted 8 September 2017 on the main channel. The main aim of Game Goblin was to feature bad or relatively unknown games.

Episode GuideEdit

Game Goblin
Video Name Table yt
HOUSE PARTY ! Game Goblin Watch
HEAT SIGNATURE ! Game Goblin Watch
DREAM DADDY ! Game Goblin Watch
LEARN HOW TO FOOTBALL ! Kickmen (Game Goblin) Watch
ARE WE HELPING? ! Super Sports Surgery (Game Goblin) Watch
UGUU ! Panty Party (Game Goblin) Watch
FLYING INTO THE SUN ! Suicide Guy (Game Goblin) Watch
ARCANE OPERATING SYSTEM ! Kingsway (Game Goblin) Watch
LOBSTER vs BATTLESHIP ! Ace of Seafood Watch
DWARF GOES BLAZING ! Caveblazers Watch
GTA SHARK ! Shark Simulator Watch
THIS IS WRONG ! Wrongworld Watch
BATTLE CAT ! Cattails Watch
HOMEWRECKERS ! House Flipper Watch
TOMDOG and PUPPYDEW ! Wild Wolf Watch
ZOMBIE RIDES A HORSE ! John The Zombie Watch
ANIME GIRL OR BOTTLE? (plus old Tom videos!) Watch
BONBON'S BACK ! Unexpected End Watch
SEARCH FOR SIMON ! Crusaders of the Lost Idols (Game Goblin) Watch
POSSESSED BY A DEMON ! Shadows Awakening Watch


  • In Game Goblin Simon is depicted as a goblin and Tom is depicted as a skeleton.
    Game Goblin

    Tom and Simon as depicted in Game Goblin Intro Animation.

  • Within the intro animation Tom is shown holding Bad Rats a video game, which is widely known as terrible.
  • The last Game Goblin episode is where Tom and Simon played Shadows Awakening though it is not actually branded as a Game Goblin Episode.[1]



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