Hammy Hammsta (also known as Hammy Hamster) is the name of multiple hamsters residing in YogLabs. They were created when Simon and Lewis came across multiple hamsters in the break room. Simon proceeded to name one but accidentally placed the name on 64 name tags and named all of them. They are part of the hamsters mod where Lewis and Simon had shown how you can tame them, make them follow you and place them on their heads.

They have since become a nuisance as they have been getting into multiple testing facilities, the walls and have been found as deep as the deep storage room. They have also been chewing through wires and attacking Simon at random times.

In the episode of "Soul Absorber" on Yoglabs, Simon kills one of the Hammy Hammstas to morph into it. This was to sneak into the walls under the floor and into the party room, as the hamster was small enough to do this. Simon then killed Fry Cook Shelby to morph into him.


  • When Simon's master clone was killed, and had to be replaced, he was seriously thinking about having it as Hammy Hammsta. In the end, he realized that it would be a terrible idea.
  • Ever since the "Hamster Infestation" episode, Hammy Hammsta has been seen in almost every episode afterwards.
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