"Flippin' heck."

Hannah Rutherford, under the username Lomadia, is a Content Producer for the Yogscast. Hannah started working as the Public Relations Assistant in July 2010, and later as the Operations Manager for the Yogscast, with her main jobs including reading and responding to fan mail and helping Lewis and Simon with video production.

On Hannah's YouTube channel, you will find different long-lasting enjoyable let's plays. Some of Hannah's most well-known let's plays are of the Assassin's Creed series, the Far Cry series, YogSims, and her Minecraft "Evicted!" series with Nilesy.

Yogscast Website SummaryEdit

Hannah Rutherford, known for her AAA gaming series, Hannah enjoys all manner of exciting and story-driven gaming. Anything with zombies, plundering tombs, crazy space adventures, spooky ghosts, and so on is deemed awesome! When not playing the latest games, Hannah is usually posting pictures of cats on Twitter or streaming!


  • Hannah chose the username, "Lomadia," because it means "grace" in Elvish and the name "Hannah" also means grace in Hebrew.
  • Hannah used to date Lewis. They broke up in March 2015 after a 6-year relationship. In late-December of the same year, Hannah noted she had a new boyfriend, who has since been seen/heard in a few livestreams Hannah has done[1]
  • Hannah and her boyfriend own a female tabby cat named Libby who frequently interrupts Hannah during videos and streams. 
  • Hannah's favorite type of animals are cats, and her favorite type of cats are moggies (a cat that does not belong to a recognized breed)
  • Hannah used to play the flute, but wanted to learn to play the guitar and drums instead
  • Hannah was the guest of episode 172 [2] of The Shaft
  • Hannah has done the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge like other Yogscast members, such as Simon, Martyn, Strippin, and Panda
  • Hannah's biggest fear is heights
  • Hannah does not own a driver's license[3]
  • Hannah goes to the gym
  • Hannah owns a bicycle
  • Hannah wore braces throughout most of her secondary school life
  • Hannah once had a mole removed[4]
  • Hannah's grandmother once owned a shoe shop
  • Hannah met Lewis and Simon when she joined the Ye Olde Goon Squad guild in World of Warcraft and began watching some of the original Yogscast World of Warcraft videos to check out the Wrath beta and boss fights[5]
  • Hannah studied English at the University of Reading [6]
  • Hannah briefly studied Latin as revealed in a stream on the 8th November, 2017
  • Hannah's "favourite" game is Shadow of the Colossus as revealed on her stream when she spent over an hour on the final Colossus
  • Hannah is 5 foot 5 inches tall and 162cm in height. [7]

Notable QuotesEdit

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  • "Madam? Madam! Stop!"
  • "Hello?"
  • "Flippin' heck."
  • "In theory..."
  • "Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no."
  • "I'm not having this..."
  • "Who's this bitch? Oh wait, it's me!"
  • "Why are you here?!"
  • "I'm gonna own your face."[8]
  • "It's nice, very nice!"
  • "This is going to end in tears."[9]
  • "Sort it out mate."
  • "Bugger all."
  • "Balls to it."
  • "Bloody hell mate, bloody hell."
  • "But Nilseeey."
  • "Oh, it's lovely."
  • "I told you, I fucking told you!"
  • "Come at me bro."[10]
  • "Oh bum"[11][12][13]

Series GuideEdit

The following table shows the games and series Hannah Rutherford has played or participated in. Please note that the Current list only contains series uploaded to the creators channel in the last 30 days.
Series Guide
Current On Hiatus Finished








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