The USA Roadtrip is a vlog series by Hat Films. It recounts the trio's journey from June 15 to June 25 as they visited the United States of America.


Their trip began at Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California for E3. Partaking in activities for one day only and going to the YouTube Party in the night, the trio biked and segwayed around Santa Monica State Beach on the morning of the second day. In the afternoon, they visited Maker Studios and left their signatures, and visited surrounding shops in the evening. On June 18 they attend Pollution Studios for YogsQuest 3 filming.

Episode GuideEdit

Hat Films: USA Roadtrip
Video Name Table yt
The USA Roadtrip TRAILER! Watch
USA Roadtrip: Lads On Tour! #1 Watch
USA Roadtrip: Beach Bums! #2 Watch
USA RoadTrip: Star Wars! #3 Watch
USA RoadTrip - Disneyland! #4 Watch
USA Roadtrip - River Lads! #5 Watch
USA Roadtrip - The Shermanator! #6 Watch
USA Roadtrip - 'MURICA! #7 Watch
USA RoadTrip - Top Gear Edition! #8 Watch
USA RoadTrip - Grand Canyon! #9 Watch
USA RoadTrip - Leaving Las Vegas! #10 Watch


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