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Hat Films In Real Life is Hat Films' video playlist for their real life content. The playlist consists of a variety of videos including vlogs, trips, stream announcements and highlights, conventions, merchandise promotion, and opening fan mail. Some of the most notable videos are described below.

Moving OfficesEdit

MEGA VLOG - MOVING OFFICES! published on 21 May 2014 documents Hat Films' move from their shared house to YogTowers after joining the Yogscast. The trio give a tour of their old house and new office in the YogTowers old common room. Simon and Duncan are asked their opinions on the move, while Sips decides to claim the office as his own.

In the video Trott bets Smith £10 to drink an out-of-date carton of cream they found while clearing out the fridge, which Smith does.

The Burger ChallengeEdit

In The Burger Challenge - Alsmiffy VS The Strippin Smith faces Strippin in a cheeseburger-eating contest. Ross is the announcer for the challenge, while Martyn Littlewood acts as Strippin's coach, and Trott as Smith's coach.

After 4 rounds Smith won the challenge eating 10 burgers to Strippin's 9, earning him the belt. Strippin's forfeit was to be slapped in the face by Smith with the 2 burgers he failed to eat.

A call-out video was also posted for the challenge, THE CALL OUT - Alsmiffy VS Yogscast Strippin.

USA RoadtripEdit

USA Roadtrip is a vlog series by Hat Films. It recounts the trio's journey from June 15 to June 25 as they visited the United States of America. Read more about the roadtrip here.


Warning! This segment contains sensitive content. Do not try this at home.

#VacTrott refers to the VACUUM FETISH! #VACTROTT video, in which Ross and Smith attempt to vacuum-pack Trott. The video, whether intentionally or not, is noted as being quite dark. As such, YouTube placed an age restriction on the video shortly after upload, flagging it as inappropriate content, meaning it is now only viewable to those who have signed-in to YouTube confirming they are over 18 years of age.

Hat Films added the following warning to the video description: "If it isn't obvious enough, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, it's extremely dangerous and we used every precaution to make sure this was done safely".

The outtakes included at the end of the video show Trott being treated with substantially more care by his colleagues during the process than is portrayed in the main part of the video.

The idea originated in GTA 5 Online - #VACTROTT spawning the hashtag that led to the video being made.

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