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"HighRollers Live!" is the seventh One-Shot campaign for High Rollers D&D. It was shown live on May 28, 2017, during MCM London Comic Con May 2017.[1] Due to technical reasons, this episode could not be broadcasted live but a filmed recording was later aired on the Yogscast Twitch channel on the same day.[2][3][4] Kit Buss joins this session as a special guest.[5]

In this episode, our heroes attend a masquerade ball happening in Waterdeep. But they are not there for entertainment, but to reclaim a powerful demonic artifact and solve a few mysteries before the day is done.


"Dungeon Master Mark “Sherlock” Hulmes...will guide the players as they journey to the Forgotten Realms, the official campaign setting of Dungeons & Dragons, where our adventurers will be sent to a masquerade ball being held by a powerful noble figure in the dazzling city of Waterdeep. But they are not there to eat canapes and drink cocktails, they are tasked to reclaim a powerful demonic artifact and solve a few mysteries before the day is done.[1]"


Dungeon Master - (Mark Hulmes)Edit

Mark Hulmes is the dungeon master for this once-off campaign.

The AdventurersEdit

HighRollers D&D Wallpaper

Chris Trott, Katie Morrison, Kim Richards and Matthew Toffolo reprise their roles as lightborn cleric Cam, elf druid Elora, tiefling monk Jiǔtóu and drow warlock Trellimar respectively. Together with Granamyr, they are collectively known as the adventurers.

Errol Coltsfoot - (Kit Buss)Edit

HighRollers Live! Colt character sheet

Colt's character sheet. Edited from source.

Errol "Colt" Coltsfoot is a male human swashbuckling rogue-fighter roleplayed by Kit Buss. He is also a part chef and has military background.

Campaign SummaryEdit


The BallEdit

The AmuletEdit

The ConfrontationEdit

Featured CharactersEdit

The AdventurersEdit



  • Fick Estate
    • Camilia, Lord Fick's wife
    • Mr. Goodwill, butler
    • Winston Archival Fick[spelling?], lord of the estate
    • Animated armours, as Lord Fick's guards
    • Animated skeletons, as entertainers
  • Guests
    • Dominique[spelling?], distant cousin to Fellania
    • Drizzt Do'Urden, famed adventurer of the Forgotten Realms and Trellimar's past acquaintance
    • Fargrim Blackhand[spelling?], owner of the Black Wyrm
    • Unnamed lord of Waterdeep. It's however heavily implied that he is Omin Dran, the CEO and founder of Acquisitions Incorporated.
  • Harpers



Notable MomentsEdit


  • First!: This session marks the first time a High Rollers D&D session is played in front of a live audience.



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