"DM Trott Special! (A Dish Best Served Cold)" is the fifth One-Shot campaign for High Rollers D&D. It was broadcast live on the Yogscast Twitch channel on January 22, 2017. Chris Trott takes over as the dungeon master, whilst Mark Hulmes participates as a player. Kim Richards is absent for this session.

This one-shot campaign is based on A Dish Best Served Cold, a D&D Adventurers League adventure module of the Storm King's Thunder storyline. The module is modified to tie in with the multiverse of High Rollers D&D: the campaign takes place on Arrak and the adventurers are present. However, the settings are set independently from the Lightfall campaign. As such, the events that took place in this session are considered non-canonical.

In this episode, our heroes are tasked to find Scövja's son, Burleigh, before a war begins between the humans and the frost giants.


"The Blood Riders haven’t killed a giant in centuries. Cathica Lygia wants that to change. The group’s second-in-command yearns for war.

The bloodthirsty woman led a group of the Blood Rider’s most zealous into the Ice Spires and knowingly invaded the territory of the Gorik Vater frost giants. These rogue riders abducted Burleigh Thurfurst, a young frost giant, and returned to their main camp in the Cold Woods with their captive.

Cathica and her crew told the rest of the Blood Riders they were on a routine patrol in the Cold Woods when Burleigh and other giants attacked them, breaking the unspoken peace between the frost giants and the people of Hartsvale. In an effort to bring all of the Blood Riders on her side, Cathica called for Scarn Mikel, the leader of the riders, to execute Burleigh as a show of strength to the region’s giant tribes. Other riders want to keep Burleigh alive as a bargaining chip should the giants attack them in full force. Scarn struggles to decide the frost giant’s fate.

Meanwhile, Scövja Thurfurst, Burleigh’s mother, is desperate to find her son. She knows he was taken by a group of riders from Hartsvale, but fears going out to find him herself could ignite a war. Scövja approached Wum Burdun, leader of Hartsvale’s Frontier Scouts for aid. The scoutmaster knows many will die in Hartsvale if Burleigh is not returned to Gorik Vater and puts out the call for help to the characters.[1]"


Dungeon Master - (Chris Trott)Edit

Chris Trott is the dungeon master for this once-off campaign.

The AdventurersEdit

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Chris Trott, Katie Morrison and Matthew Toffolo reprise their roles as lightborn cleric Cam, elf druid Elora and drow warlock Trellimar respectively. Together with Granamyr, they are collectively known as the adventurers.

Jiǔtóu is away on personal matters, leaving Cam, Elora and Trellimar behind to assist the locals and, hopefully, preventing a war between the frost giants and the Blood Riders.

Ssorek - (Mark Hulmes)Edit

Ssorek is a male lizardfolk ranger roleplayed by Mark Hulmes.

Campaign SummaryEdit

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Meeting SsorekEdit

A Mother's PleaEdit

The group answer the summons of Scoutmaster Wum Burdun outside Stagwick, a small village in Hartsvale. He introduces Scövja Thurfurst. The giant shares her son’s predicament. Wum hires the group to convince (or force) the Blood Riders to release Burleigh. The group then traverse around the Ice Spires to get to the scene of Burleigh's abduction.

Abandoned CampEdit

The group make their way to the abandoned camp where Burleigh was captured by the Blood Riders. At the scene of Burleigh’s abduction, the group investigate the area and find the Blood Riders’s trail.

Darkwater RunEdit

On the trail of the Blood Riders in the Cold Woods, the characters experience a group of ettins near Darkwater Run, an enchanted river.

Blood Rider CampEdit

The group arrive at the Blood Rider camp and see Burleigh imprisoned in a cage. To free him, the group cause a distraction to lure Cathica and her band of zealots away from the camp. A battle ensues, resulting in the defeat of the Blood Rider and a freed Burleigh.

The Road to StagwickEdit

The group return Burleigh to Scövja Thurfurst.

Featured CharactersEdit

The AdventurersEdit



  • The Blood Riders
    • Cathica Lygia
    • Scarn Mikel
  • Frontier Scouts
    • Wum Burdun
  • Gorik Vater Tribe
    • Burleigh Thurfurst, son of Scovja
    • Scovja Thurfurst, mother of Burleigh
  • Groganbosh, male ettin who is being chased by 4 female ettins
  • Ssorek
  • 4 female ettins

Notable MomentsEdit


  • First!: There are several firsts that occurred throughout this session:
    • This session marks the first time High Rollers D&D played a campaign that is not homebrewed.
    • This session marks the first time Chris Trott becomes the dungeon master for the series.


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