"Kick Him in the D*ck! (The Haunting of Ennis House)" is the second One-Shot Campaign for High Rollers D&D. It was broadcast live on the Yogscast Twitch channel on 31 July 2016. Kim replaces Mark as Dungeon Master, in what is her first ever time DM-ing a campaign. With Trott absent for this session, both Martyn and Kat join as special guests.

In this episode, the ghost hunters are called by Burk to investigate the recent haunting of Ennis House. They have several encounters with the other side and stumble across a gruesome sight that threaten their lives.


The campaign takes place in Arrak, the same location the regular campaign is set in.


Dungeon Master - (Kim Richards) Edit

Kim takes the role of DM for this one-off campaign.

Roswyn - (Katie Morrison) Edit

Roswyn is a human cleric, who is very devoted to research. She was haunted as a child, but her parents told her not to be so stupid believing in ghosts. Being a logical thinker she agreed with them at the time, but now that she has heard of Barnabus and Naples, and learned that they go on ghost hunts, she joins them in order to find out the truth about ghosts. She is very intelligent and doesn't like having her time wasted by people who don't understand what she is saying.

Barnabus Penus - (Matt Toffolo) Edit

Barnabus penus
Barnabus Penus was originally a conman, who used to travel around pretending to be psychic and getting rid of ghosts. He thought it was all nonsense until he had a spooky encounter himself and was saved by Naples. After that, they both decided to head off together and be ghost hunters. Barnabus is cowardly, and a bit of a know-all. He is a tiefling bard, proficient at playing the recorder, the triangle, and the banjulele, a banjo-ukulele combination instrument. He only possesses a recorder, however. Whenever something has gone wrong or something ominous is going to happen, Barnabus tends to say "oh my fucksies".

Alfred Everstar - (Martyn Littlewood) Edit

Alfred Everstar is 73 years old. When he was young he used to visit an uninhabited tower that looked out across the ocean. One day pirates turned up, and he sounded the alarm to warn the people. He was held as a local hero for his actions, but after a few generations, people began to think of him as a madman. He thought he would have another opportunity to save the town, so he kept visiting the same tower every day for 50 or 60 years, hoping for something to happen. At the end of each say he would get drunk at the tavern, bet with people, fall asleep, get kicked out, and when he awoke in the morning he would return to the tower once again.

He befriended the mayor's son, Leonard, who was dazzled by Alfred's stories. One day Alfred bet Leonard 24 gold that he couldn't climb the clock tower and climb in the first-floor window. Leonard takes the bet but accidentally steps in some dog poo before attempting to hop the fence around the tower. While climbing the fence his foot slips and he impales himself. Alfred bursts out laughing but suddenly realises Leonard is dead. The townspeople outraged that Alfred killed the mayor's son, drive him out of town. Alfred regularly returns, however, to try to find Leonard's ghost, for no other reason other than to get his 24 gold.

Napoli "Naples" Spinoa Fenyx - (Kat) Edit

Napoli Naples Spinoa Fenyx
Naples is a green-haired rock gnome in her early 40s.[1] She is a bit of a weirdo and is known for not having a sunny disposition, unlike most gnomes. She is disgustingly cute, in her appearance at least, but revolting besides, having a foul mouth and gluttonous behaviour. When she was young, a baby dragon turtle tried to eat her while she was out swimming. She escaped, but at the cost of her leg. She now has a prosthetic leg, which was made by her parents and is imbued with magic. It is also constructed around a clockwork mechanism which allows it to grow as she grows, and can even change shape to suit whatever form she chooses to become. Despite this she is a tiny 2ft. 8 tall. Her parents joined a cult so she ran off, and soon after she met Barnabus, who put forward the proposition of being his bodyguard, which she accepted.


Naples is a lesbian.[2] If she is very drunk, she will try to charm any or all women around her by being a rampant, but lousy, flirt. This is why she avoids going to bars. Despite her attempts, she does not understand why her pick-up lines don't work and thinks they are hard to get. Her favourite pick-up lines include: "Hey girl, I've been looking for gold all day, mind if I check out that chest?"; "Oh baby, you must be a bard, cuz you’re plucking at my heartstrings."; "Ever been with a druid, girl? Because I’m right here if you’re looking for a real animal."[1]


Naples has a soft spot for tieflings after becoming close to Barnabus as she feels like she found a race that she can relate to. Gnome's sunny nature baffles her. She has never met a drow before.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Naples learns Wild Shapes (Level 3) ability, but seldom uses it. Instead, she sulks or expresses genuine emotions as her main use. Whenever Naples does not want others to see her in joy or in tears, she will shape-shift and either run away or expresses her emotions as an animal. Naples has a strong dislike for pigs, after a wild pig tried to mount her whilst she was looking for truffles in her pig form. She loves spiders though.[1]

Campaign SummaryEdit

The Mystery BeginsEdit

Alfred, Barnabus, Naples, and Roswyn have arrived at a sleepy farming village called Yawton. It is a typical rustic countryside town, except everything looks a bit run down and ram shackled. An air of gloom and depression hangs over the place, which should be a bustling village, but instead, it is eerily quiet. The group stayed overnight in a tavern and have now been taken to a gothic manor house which overlooks town by a half-orc, half-human, man named Burk. They have been informed this is Ennis house, a three-storey building with a steeple on the left side. The grounds are surrounded by a tall metal fence, and the entrance gate, which is hanging off, has a large "E" at its centre. The fog is thickest around the house.

Burk is an unkempt, unwashed man, who smells of alcohol. Dark circles under his eyes indicate a lack of sleep, and there is a general aura of sadness and fear from him. He seems a bit shady and clearly, doesn't want to be there despite being the one who contacted them to help him. They overheard rumours from people in the inn last night that the place is haunted.

Burk drearily informs them he is going to open the door if they are all ready. Barnabus frantically tells him that this is their job, so they are always ready. Burk says the house is cursed, and it is not doing any good for the village. He also tells them about haunting noises coming from the basement. He tells them nobody wants to look inside so they will be the first. Naples yawns loudly and sits on the floor, unphased by anything Burk is saying. Barnabus suggests that they should just stay outside, becoming increasingly nervous about the situation. Roswyn rebukes him saying he would like that, which angers Barnabus, and he quickly reminds the group he is their leader.

HighRollers Ennis House GF

Fan-made map of Ground Floor of Ennis House, originally drawn by Kim Richards.

Burk sighs and asks if they are going in or not. Roswyn asks if he has heard any reports about incidents in the house. Burk wearily replies that there is a child in there, before producing a bunch of keys, and unlock the main doors. The door creaks open and inside they can just make out a grand hallway through the gloomy daylight. Burk waits at the door expectantly for them to enter. Alfred asks if they will need any of the other keys he holds, but Burk says no. they walk in, and Alfred closes the door behind them, leaving them in semi-darkness. As they look around, they hear the sound of Burk locking them in. Naples is quick to pipe up saying she's glad he's gone since he smelled like a dragonborn's ball sack, not being one to hold back with insults. Barnabus panics and demands they find a way out. Naples tells the others he is just wobbly on the inside so they should ignore him. Barnabus calls out to Burk to open the door, but he calls back saying a deal is a deal, and then says "Tell her I'm sorry." Without giving any other information, he walks away.

Now alone, the group begin to inspect the room they are in. The place screams of wealth, but everything is very old and dusty. Roswyn looks through the drawers, but only finds various pairs of female shoes. Naples blows and wipes some dust off a picture, rubs the dust on her clothes, then asks why everyone in the pictures looks constipated. Barnabus can see a doorway to the left and right of them, and a grand oak staircase rimmed with gold straight ahead.

Naples becomes impatient, crudely stating that she really needs to find someone to kick in the dick. This increases the tension between herself and Roswyn, who reminds her to talk with anyone they encounter first before attacking. Roswyn then approaches the door on the left, but as she moves they become aware they're not alone in the room. A form stands in the distance by the staircase. Alfred calls out "Leonard", hoping it is his dead friend who owes him 24 gold, which alerts the figure to his presence. Roswyn looks above it for a light source that may be faking the form by means of a projection, as Naples creeps towards it, once again threatening to kick it. She calls out, asking the form if it is a ghost, while Alfred asks to her to question if the form is Leonard. At the sound of Naples shouting, the figure starts moving slowly forward. They can now see a young woman, probably teenage, dressed in a white gown, with long dark hair over her face.

They can tell this is not a ghost as they can hear footsteps as the figure walks towards them, but her movement is erratic, as if she is not quite able to walk. They are unable to see her eyes, but can tell she is definitely looking at them.

Battle against the FigureEdit

First Round of Battle
Barnabus is the first to move, immediately choosing to hide behind Alfred, panicking and stuttering in fear. Alfred thinks about using his staff to lift woman's hair out of her eyes, but discovering he can't reach, instead uses his staff to nudge Roswyn closer. Roswyn inspects the woman and calmly asks her why she is here, while also drawing it, but she receives no response.

Naples moves up beside Roswyn and pulls out her mace, threatening the figure for a response, but Roswyn places her hand on the mace and calmly pushes it down. Alfred calls out, curious if they got any response, but Naples responds saying they haven't and she intends to kick and attack her.

Second Round of Battle
Barnabus, clearly terrified, gingerly approaches and draws his rapier. He walks up next to Roswyn and Naples, pretending to be standing forward, but remains ready to run. He bumbles questions at the figure, weakly threatening her for answers. Alfred side-steps to get into a better position for a ranged attack. He throws a dart to see what happens, getting weary at the lack of progress. The figure sees him raise the dart, and whips her head up, looking directly at Alfred. He can now see through her dark hair two red eyes glaring at him, and they are terrifying, filled with murderous hatred. Alfred feels the gaze try to take hold of him, but the alcohol in system kicks in a little and helps him avoid being overcome with fear. He manages to throw the dart but misses.

Enraged by Alfred throwing stuff at her, the figure moves forward and raises her hand. She swipes at Roswyn, hurting her, so Roswyn casts Inflict Wounds in retaliation, which returns some damage. She also checks around for any trickery at play, but she decides her hit felt real and this figure is not the product of any tricks or illusions. Naples casts produce flame, and hurls a fireball at the figure, who immediately erupts in flame.

Third Round of Battle
Barnabus tries to attack with his rapier, but misses out of fear and fact she is now on fire. Alfred goes for a hit with his quarterstaff, but it is mostly an attempt to extinguish the flames. The scenes of Alfred and the woman flailing puts Naples in stitches laughing, while the woman screams in pain and moves back. The figure is clearly furious but is unable to do much, so she looks towards Alfred once again. He receives another glare of hatred in an attempt to paralyse him, but it doesn't affect him. The smell of burnt hair fills the area, and Naples says it is making her hungry. Roswyn tries to ask if the figure knows Burk, and at a mention of his name, her attention is immediately focused on Roswyn, leading Naples to realise, and crudely announce, that this figure is the one Burk loves.

Fourth Round of Battle
Barnabus, being resistant to fire, tries to smother the flames by covering the woman with his body. He tries to run at her, but because she is flailing, he misses her altogether and just falls to the side prone. Alfred completely misreads the situation, and assumes Barnabus has purposefully laid on the ground in order for him to push the woman over his back. The others watch is disbelief as Alfred sticks his quarterstaff in the ground and kicks her in the stomach. She falls back over Barnabus and there is an audible crack as she smacks her head on the floor and goes still. A final scream erupts from her body as a glowing ball of light rises from her chest and flies upstairs.
End of Battle

The Lady of the HouseEdit

Alfred sweeps the body away with his quarterstaff. As he approaches the corner of the stairs he recalls that this is the corner she first appeared from. He sees a small door under that part of the staircase, so he calls out that he found the basement. Naples, being so small, stands on the woman's body, as the others walk over to look. Barnabus states that they gave her a chance but she didn't reply. Roswyn disagrees, saying they were getting somewhere with the mention of Burk. They begin to wonder if Burk set the whole thing up when they hear moaning coming from the other side of the door.

Roswyn casts Detect Evil and Good, but nothing shows up. As they debate opening the door, they notice it is locked with a heavy padlock, so there is no way they can open it. They also see a holy sign painted on the door, and numerous scratch marks around the edges, clearly made in an attempt by someone to tear their way in. Roswyn can tell that the symbol wards off evil and undead and prevents the undead from opening the door. Naples lifts up the woman's hands and discovers they are an exact match to the scrape marks.

The group leave the stairway and move to another door, which leads into the dining room. Again, this room is very lavish, with an ornate dark oak table at its centre. At the head of the table, sits a very prim and proper elven woman, covered in jewels and wearing fine clothes, but is also slightly transparent and emanating a faint glow. While ghosts normally exude sadness, this woman seems really inconvenienced by the fact she is dead. She taps nails impatiently on the table.

Alfred sits at the table, purposefully putting his legs up on it. The woman is very haughty and glares at him, a clear indication to remove his feet from the table. Naples is quick to apologise on his behalf, but in the same breath calls him a fucking idiot. This angers the woman and she reprimands Naples for using such language in her presence. Roswyn breaks up the argument by asking what is going on in the house. The elven woman asks if it was them that made the racket outside. Alfred pretends all the noises were made by him telling a story, not wanting to reveal they killed someone, then he asks her about Leonard. Roswyn asks if she was expecting company, to which the woman replies she was, but no cooks or no staff are around and the place is a mess. She tries to pick up some of the dirty cutlery, complaining about it, but she cannot being a ghost, which clearly annoys her. Roswyn then requests to sketch the woman, which rewards her a more favourable response since she asked politely.

Alfred offers to get her something so she asks for a cup of tea. Alfred and Naples go through another door to the kitchen, which is surprisingly clean in comparison to the rest of the house. They notice a tiny room under the servant’s stair in the corner. Meanwhile, Roswyn asks the woman how long she has been here, but she says it has been such a long time she can't remember. She mentions a matron who comes and goes, who lives on the top floor of the house. Roswyn then says they will go find out what is taking the others so long with the tea.

Naples opens the tiny door, and inside she discovers a military cot. She rummages through it but finds nothing. She reckons it could just about have fit a man, but it would be tight. Naples then opens a chest at the foot of the bed and finds a letter addressed to Burk. It is an age day card full of names, which she shows to Roswyn.

Alfred rummages through the cupboards and manages to find a bunch of bottles of purple liquid, which he knows to be Hide from the Undead potions. Roswyn and Naples seem to think the card is from young children, judging by the handwriting. The woman calls out from the other room asking if the tea is ready, as she is getting tired of listening to Barnabus. Naples walks back into the room to get him, then asks the lady to read the letter. She asks if she knows Burk, and learns that she once employed him as a groundskeeper. Naples then asks if they ever had children here. The woman agrees to tell her if Naples at least pretends to have some manners. She then reveals that the house is an orphanage, and the children's rooms are on the higher levels. Naples wastes no time and yells back to the others.

Alfred brings a cup of dirty water, as he was unable to make any tea. Once again there is an evident nervous tick in the woman as she can't understand the cup defying her and passing through her hand. Roswyn notes all the times she sees things pass through the woman's grip. Barnabus asks what sort of food they used to eat here, then questions if she ever ate people. The woman is furious that he would accuse her of being a cannibal, and she stares at Barnabus, who suddenly stops mid-sentence. He senses movement hitting him in the face before he blacks out. When he comes to, the woman seems to have possessed him, as she cries out that she has a body again. The image of the woman they originally saw has now lost its definition and faded. She then speaks through Barnabus again saying he was asking for it, before revealing her name to be Marguerite Ennis.

Naples asks if she can show them where the children's rooms are, but she refuses, saying she wouldn't go up there. Roswyn makes sense of the situation and realises manners is what Lady Ennis values most, so she politely explains their situation, and says they would really appreciate it if she left Barnabus' body and returned to her seat. Naples jumps in making the cutest face she can and pleads to her with tearful eyes. It works, and a light flies out of Barnabus and back to her ghostly form. Roswyn then asks if they may look around, to which Lady Ennis agrees, telling them to find Matron, though warns them she is grouchy. She compliments Naples for improving her manners and tells them that she took children in to give them grace and dignity, before letting them back to the world. Naples bows, but clunkily walks out of the room. Alfred bows also, and "accidentally" knocks some stuff over with his staff.

As they exit the room, Roswyn frantically asks Barnabus what it was like being possessed. Naples reveals the card to the others and tells them about the house being an orphanage. She also says it is pretty clear Lady Ennis dislikes Burk. Alfred says he heard in the tavern that she only kept female orphans here, leading Barnabus to come to a poorly-formed conclusion that Lady Ennis is a lesbian.

The Girls of the LibraryEdit

Alfred goes across the hall to poke at the other door with his staff. They open the door and see what looks to be a games room, with stuffed animal heads on the walls and a pool table in the centre that looks to be full of woodworm. The smell of cigar smoke fills the air. They can also see a conservatory and another doorway off this room. Alfred spots a whisky bottle and goes to take a sip. Naples successfully grabs it out of his hand, however, as he tries to persuade Barnabus to join him. Naples downs it herself and laughs. She then inspects the room, but finding nothing she flops into a chair. Alfred knocks the pool balls around the table with his staff.

Barnabus decides to check the other door, but Naples runs over to prevent him going in first, deciding he is too delicate. They open the door and see a library, rammed ceiling-to-floor full of very old books. When Alfred asks Barnabus what is in the room, Barnabus tells him it is a library, leading to Alfred saying that he does not know how to read.

Roswyn starts to pull the books, hoping to find a secret door. A piece of paper falls out from one of the books. She picks it up and sees a set of five musical notes. Barnabus recognises it as sheet music for a sad-sounding melody. He pulls out his recorder and starts playing the notes. There is silence after the last note is played. In this silence, the group hears a giggle from a young child. Naples claims that it is not her.

As the four argue, they hear a similar voice calling out to them, asking them to play the notes again. Barnabus tries playing the notes again, but trembling in fear at the voices, he plays it terribly. They hear the voice again, but this time expressing its displeasure. Everyone is now tense. They then hear books falling off the shelves from the other side. The sound of falling books gets closer, so Alfred slams the door shut to prevent any tricksters from leaving. Naples runs towards the sound. Barnabus moves back, while Roswyn stays put to observe the unfolding events.

Roswyn calls out if they would like to talk to them. The sound of falling books stops. With another child-like giggle, the group starts to argue about their next move. All of a sudden, a pile of books starts flying towards Naples and Roswyn. Naples, due to her small size, manages to dodge in time. Roswyn tries to duck, but a book hits her, causing a gash above her right eye. She is unable to see clearly now that the dripping blood blurs her vision. She backs off and bumps into Barnabus.

Naples activates a function on her prosthetic leg and stamps on the ground. It releases ethereal smoke that reveals the ghostly outlines of three young girls, a gnome, a tiefling and a human, in uniform-like outfits and of varied ages. The girls are giggling to themselves. Naples shouts to the others that there are three ghosts. The ghost girls realise that they have been found out and run away. Alfred feels three apparitions going through him.

Naples tells the others what she has seen. Naples tears off a piece of cloth off her tattered dress and hands it over to Roswyn for her gash. Alfred gives Roswyn his eye patch for her to keep the cloth on her eyes. The bleeding stops.

A Clue and the MatronEdit

HighRollers Ennis House 1F

Fan-made map of First Floor of Ennis House, originally drawn by Kim Richards.

The group have made their way up to the first floor. At the far end of the stair landing is a storage cupboard. Alfred checks the paintings on the wall, moving them aside with his staff to see if there are any hidden gaps behind them, but finds nothing. He rests on a chaise longue while the others check out the storage cupboard. In the room, the shelves are lined with good quality linen. Naples steps into the room, and the door slams shut. Roswyn tries to open the door but it does not budge. She uses her warhammer to smash the door into pieces, which also causes the shelves to collapse. The linen falls, covering Naples and Roswyn.

As Naples and Roswyn get the linen off themselves, Naples feels a cold object coming over her shoulder. As she looks down, a spectral hand rests on her shoulder. In Roswyn's view, she sees a spectre in dwarven form, with a horrified look, and five nail marks, across his face. Roswyn grabs Naples' hand to try to get her out. The spectre whispers to Naples "Help me." Naples lets out a high-pitched squeal. Roswyn asks how she can help, but the spectre form dissipates. Naples finds a box camera in the storage cupboard and knows that it has magic on it that can emit a cone of light that can restrain or stun undead creatures. She then gives it to Roswyn.

Naples steps out of the room and tells Barnabus what just happened, with Roswyn explaining what the spectre looks like. Barnabus then goes over to the sleeping Alfred and shakes him up. Roswyn walks over to a corridor, with the others following her. Along the way, she kind of figures that the spectre looks like an adventurer, similar to how she and her companions look.

Entering a room on the left down the corridor, the group sees a large room filled with run-down musical instruments: a harp, cello, violins and a grand piano. Naples asks Barnabus to play the piano, however, Barnabus says that he is not proficient in it. Naples then notices the wall on the left side of the room. On one section the wallpaper seems to be put up hastily and is misaligned.

Alfred runs the end of his quarterstaff across the harp strings. Despite it being old, the harp is in tune. Barnabus goes up to the piano and plays random notes. Although the piano is out of tune, only five notes are in-tune. Roswyn notices this and asks Barnabus to play the musical notes they found earlier on in the library. Barnabus plays the notes. They hear a click then a sound of wood grinding on wood coming from the floor above. Alfred pokes the ceiling with his quarterstaff, but there is no response. Barnabus plays the same five notes on the harp, but nothing happens.

Naples and Roswyn tear the wallpaper apart, revealing a hastily bricked-up portion of the wall. Naples smashes it with her mace, but it is constructed solidly and doesn't break. They realise it is the interior of the steeple that they saw from the outside of the manor earlier. It goes up to the next floor.

The group leaves the music room and enters the room opposite. The dull-looking room contains a wardrobe, a small bed and a bathroom, with stairs both leading down to the kitchen and going up to the next floor. The blanket on the bed is neatly folded. Inside the wardrobe are several identical matronly uniforms. At the bottom is a small chest full of contraband items. Alfred sees two chocolate bars (which can remove fear) and grabs them. Barnabus and Naples find an item each in the chest.

From the item Naples found, she figures out that the chocolate bars are gifted from "V" to "B". Also, "V" is pregnant and is having a boy. Naples also shares a rumour of this place, a son got possessed by Asmodeus, killed his family and threw himself onto the fence spikes. Roswyn takes the letter and it reads, "My darling B, thank you for the gift of chocolate. I've shared it with the other girls and they've promised me their silence. Every day in this prison is made easier knowing you are here. The endless hours of studying and reciting meaningless prayers are made easier, knowing I'll soon have another moment with you in your arms. I love you with all my heart. Forever yours, V." The second letter reads, "My darling B, I can feel our wonderful creation growing and it feels like a miracle. Our little miracle. I can tell it's going to be a boy, one as handsome and as strapping as you. I'm going to name him after your father. We should make our plans to escape. Matron will certainly be upset at our sin. Let us run from this prison and live out away from all this madness. I love you, V."

Barnabus guesses that "B" is Burk, believing that he is up to no good. Naples guesses that the lady they have set on fire could be "V". The group starts to bicker again. Then, they hear slow but heavy footsteps coming down the corridor, with scraping across the wall. Naples peeps out from the door, but it creaks, and sees a tall yet hunched being with a rag over her eyes. The being has one hand feeling the wall, with the other stretched out in front. Hearing the door creaking earlier, the being says, "Girls! You shouldn't be here. This is not your floor. Do you want to go into the Room?"

Naples quickly goes back into the room, closes the door and warns the others about what she saw. Knowing that it is the matron, and that the room they are in could be hers, the group bickers as to what their next action should be. The matron calls out again, saying "If I find you in my room, I will beat you." Worried, the group escapes up the stairs. Due to Naples' prosthetic leg, it makes a sound against the wooden stairs. The matron calls out, questioning if that was Trixie.

The group enters a joyless-looking canteen with cheap tables, hard chairs and tin plates, much different from the previous two levels of the manor. Naples receives and keeps a potion from Alfred, then checks the canteen and finds a Potion of Healing underneath the table. They hear the sound of a door opening from the room below, which prompts them to run out of the canteen and into the corridor.

A Gruesome DiscoveryEdit

HighRollers Ennis House 2F

Fan-made map of Second Floor of Ennis House, originally drawn by Kim Richards.

Opposite the canteen is a dormitory, which the group enters. There are twelve cheap kid-sized bed frames, the bedding is rotting away. There are small chests at the foot of the beds. Like the canteen, it has grey and dull-looking walls. The chests have names on them: Ann, Ellie, Mary, Maxie, May, Mousy, Neth, Nord, Sass, Trixie, Torwen, and Victoria. Naples tells them that these are the names on the card they found earlier. As the chests are not locked, Naples searches Victoria's chest. She finds a dark blue uniform, similar to the ones seen on the ghost girls earlier in the library. Alfred lays down on one of the beds to rest.

On one side of the wall, a tiny panel has come away. Barnabus and Naples go over to have a look. As they enter the steeple on the other side of the panel, a stench of blood overwhelms them. At the centre of the room is a splatter of blood that has been around for ages. In the steeple is a bricked off staircase leading down. Around the door frame of the steeple are scratch marks similar to the ones back at the door at ground level. The initials B and V, and the word "Billy", are carved onto the wall as well. Witnessing the gruesome discovery, both Barnabus and Naples leave the room and lets the rest know of what they saw.

Alfred gets off the bed and enters the room together with Roswyn. Alfred also sees the gruesome pool of blood. Roswyn sees the same, but also finds a copper locket in between the flagstones on the bloodied floor. The locket also bears the initials B and V. She opens it and sees a small painting of Burk. Alfred and Roswyn exit the room, and she shows the locket to the rest. They are now guessing that Burk had a kid with one of the girls.

The group exits the dormitory and heads down the corridor to the next set of rooms. On their left is a filthy, run-down common bathroom with showers and cubicles. On their right is a storage room with furniture covered in white sheets. At the other end of the room is a closed door. Alfred explores the bathroom, while the rest explore the storage room.

The moment the last person enters the storage room, the door slams shut. Alfred turns around and asks if his companions are alright, but all he hears are the muffled voices of his companions. Naples tries to unlock the door, but it will not budge. She then starts pulling the sheets off the furniture. The dust on the covers fills the air.

As Alfred walks towards the storage room door, he hears giggles, then the doors of the cubicles slam shut one by one. Alfred stands at the centre of the bathroom and spins his quarterstaff around him, hoping to whack something. Although it hits nothing, he can feel something avoiding the quarterstaff. More giggles can be heard.

Barnabus uses his rapier and tries to smash the door, but it does nothing. Roswyn tries to do the same with her warhammer, and the door starts to chip away. Barnabus, Naples and Roswyn now all hear girly whispers. Naples activates a function on her prosthetic leg which releases ethereal smoke that fills the room. She now sees two humanoid shapes of teenage girls wearing the same uniform, as well as the three girls they encountered in the library. Naples alerts the others of ghost girls in the room, then calls out to the girls that she just wants to have a chat with them. Some of the ghost girls give out responses of disappointment.

Alfred continues to swipe his quarterstaff around him. Suddenly, all three shower heads come on and black, gloopy water flows out. Alfred then catches a glimpse of his shadow. Given the low level of light in the room, his shadow seems heavier than normal. Alfred whips out a torch to get a better look at the shadow. The shadow starts to move.

Alfred hears an evil giggle. He momentarily gasps for air and feels the life draining out of him. He takes a swig of his whiskey. Alfred moves closer to the shadow and tries to attack it. However, feeling tipsy after a drink, his attack misses the shadow. He then uses Flurry of Blows. This time, he hits an apparition, which gives out a girly shriek as if in pain. He then hears someone saying "Ellie hit me!"

Naples calls out to the ghost girls to open the door. One of the girls, in a younger voice, tells Maxie that they should give up since the group saw them. Maxie, with an older teenage voice, is not sure and that Naples, although small in stature, is one of them. Roswyn stops hitting the door and takes note of the encounter. Barnabus also calls out nicely to the girls to open the door.

A girl, with a younger voice, tells Maxie that she kind of likes Barnabus and that he reminds her of Billy. Another girl expresses disgust at boys, particularly Billy. Roswyn asks who is Billy. The girl with a young voice says that she likes Billy, since he gave her a dead rat once. In unison, the other four girls express disgust, then call out, "Mousy and Billy, sitting in a tree!"

One of the sheets, with two little feet underneath it, moves towards the door and opens it. Naples thanks the girls, then asks them if they can share more information about Billy. The ghost girl that Alfred attacked starts crying and runs away, calling out to Trixie. Trixie runs out of the storage room to comfort the girl.

Naples changes her question and tells the girls that her group saw the matron, and assures them that she will not tell the matron that the girls left the dormitory. She then asks where the matron left the keys. The girls tell her that the matron keeps them on her. Barnabus is quick to call out that he does not want to fight the matron. When asked what the matron does not like, the girls tell Naples that the matron does not like them. Naples wonders if the girls can help to distract the matron while the group attacks her.

Mousy interrupts Naples and asks if the group were scared by their haunting. Naples says that she is not scared, but Barnabus is shaken by the encounter in the library. Barnabus gives a round of sarcastic applause, telling the girls that they did a good job. Mousy comments that scaring boys is easy, but wonders about Roswyn's reaction. Roswyn says that she is not scared, although they did hurt her. Mousy apologises. On the encounter in the bathroom, Alfred says he doesn't know what the girls did to him, saying that he now needs to rely on his quarterstaff to stay up. One of the girls says that Trixie drained his energy and will not give it back. With that, since the girls are having a competition of who is the scariest, the group thinks that Alfred's bathroom encounter is the scariest. This eases the crying ghost girl. Maxie tells Trixie that her team won this time.

Alfred asks if Victoria is around. Maxie answers in disdain that Victoria is a slut, then explains on Naples' request that she made love with Burk and she gave birth to a child. When asked how the girls died, Maxie explains to Naples that they were in the toy room when they all heard an awful scream from a woman, then the next thing they knew is that they were all dead at the same time. When the group asks about Billy, Mousy says that he is her friend, and that the matron took him away and locked him up in the basement.

The girls reveal the matron beats them and locks them up, including Victoria being locked up in the steeple. The girls also share that Victoria blinded the matron. Ever since Victoria was locked up, she has been moaning and crying. Maxie tells the group that she is probably dead. With sufficient information, the group thanks the girls, then head out to defeat the matron.

Battle against the MatronEdit

The group heads down the corridor, which forks to another three rooms. Barnabus explores the classroom with a blackboard and crappy-looking desks. Alfred explores the chapel with an alter at the front with basic pews. Neither Alfred nor Barnabus find anything interesting. Naples and Roswyn explore the toy room, filled with teddy bears and broken toys. What catches their attention are child-sized skeletal human remains, with signs of blood and unfamiliar scratches on the door. Roswyn, feeling disgusted, gets out of the room, while Naples continues to explore. She notices footprints on the bloodied floor, leading to the back of the room. She later leaves the room as well.

When the group reconvene, they start to hear heavy footsteps with scrapping against the wall coming down the corridor. The ghost girls run through the group, saying that the matron is here. The group quickly discusses their plan of attack. Alfred hides at the small corner of the corridor to launch a surprise attack from behind, while the rest run into the classroom, push all the tables to one side, and get ready. Alfred receives a Hide from the Undead potion and drinks it.

The matron moves closer. She calls out to the girls, warning that that she should not see the girls out of their dormitory, otherwise she will punish them.

First Round of Battle
Roswyn gets ready to attack should the matron attack anyone. Naples casts Flaming Sphere in front of the door. Alfred remains still, waiting for the right moment to attack.

The matron is at the T-junction of the corridor and tries to find the source of the sound. Alfred accidentally makes a sound and the matron directs her attention to him. She swipes at him, but misses. Alfred realises that the potion he drank earlier did not work as she is not an undead. Barnabus gets ready to attack once Alfred is being attacked.

Second Round of Battle
Roswyn continues to get ready to attack. Naples moves the sphere towards the matron, which injures her. Alfred disengages and hides inside the chapel.

The matron changes her focus and enters the classroom. Sensing Naples, she swipes out at her, dealing decent damage. Barnabus casts Tasha's Hideous Laughter on the matron. Instead, the matron focuses in his direction and cackles.

Third Round of Battle
Roswyn whips out her box camera and plans to use it. However, realising that Alfred's potion did not work, she instead casts Guiding Bolt at the matron. It does not injure her. Naples consumes a regular healing potion, then casts Hold Person on the matron, paralysing her. Naples then takes a step back.

Alfred runs as close as he can, takes another swig of his whiskey, then throws a dart around the doorway at the matron, hitting her. With the matron still frozen in place, Barnabus runs over to her and pats her down to find the keys. He finds a hard material on her belt, but he cannot reach for it as there are too many layers of fabric on her uniform.

Fourth Round of Battle
Roswyn goes to her and helps Barnabus. She manages to get through the fabric and finds the keys. With a tug, the keys come off the belt. Upon seeing this, Naples tells everyone to run down to the door by the grand staircase on the ground level. She then runs up to Roswyn and snatches the keys. The matron sees this, yet is still unable to move. Barnabus runs off as well.

Next 2 Rounds of Battle
Roswyn follows them and dashes down the corridor. Naples shape-shifts into a panther and dashes pass everyone with the keys in her jaws. Alfred and Barnabus continue to run. None of them see the matron chasing after them yet.


The group are now at the ground floor, running pass Lady Ennis and ignoring her warning to not run in her house. The panther reaches the locked door by the grand staircase first. Alfred, Barnabus and Roswyn are still by the entrance of the dining room. Just as Roswyn steps out into the main hallway, she sees the ball of light from earlier, now standing by the main doors. However, instead of being a ball of light, the form is now of the same figure they fought earlier, but now transparent and is very angry.

Seventh Round of Battle
Roswyn shouts at Naples to open the locked door. She then tells the figure, whom she believes is Victoria, that they are here to help to free Billy. The panther stays by the locked door. Alfred moves closer to Naples. Victoria continues to stare at Roswyn. Barnabus also moves closer to Naples.

Eighth Round of Battle
Roswyn dashes towards the panther and grabs the keys from its jaws. She unlocks the door and opens it. The panther scampers down into the pitch black basement, stacked with boxes and rats scurrying. She then hears a faint crying sound around the corner. Also from the same direction is a stench of human sweat. The panther lets out a comforting howl. The crying stops and sounds of panicked scuffling can be heard. Alfred lights a torch and follows the panther down the stairs. He then calls out for Billy. Unknown to them, the matron has reached the kitchen.

The moment the basement door is opened, Victoria dashes towards it, but bangs against an unknown force. She is now furious and starts to scratch the door frame. Barnabus tells Victoria that they are trying to help, but receives no response from her. He then moves gingerly closer to her.

Ninth Round of Battle
Roswyn walks through Victoria and receives a swipe on her arm as she gets in the way of her attack against the door frame. She then casts Light on her warhammer. She now sees a trail of empty jars leading to a back corner. The panther sees the trail and follows it. She then sees a large humanoid shape in between two stacks of crates, shuffling back further into the shadows. The panther shape-shifts back into Naples.

Alfred notices Naples has spotted something and goes over to check. He sees a dishevelled young man, with some orcish features, huddling in the corner. The young man, with a skeletal frame due to insufficient food, is terrified of them. Alfred takes out a chocolate bar and offers it to the young man, telling him that he is here to save him. The young man moves his arm and is looking at the chocolate bar. He then snatches the chocolate bar and starts to munch on it. Alfred now sees that the clothes the man is wearing, that were meant for a child, no longer fit him.

Victoria continues lashing out at the door frame. Barnabus asks if his companions are alright. Alfred replies back, saying that they think they have found Billy.


Naples slowly walks up to the young man and asks if he is Billy. Billy only says Mousy, then gives her a dead rat. Naples takes it, then offers her hand to him. Billy gingerly takes her hand, with Naples now noticing the scratches and bites on his arm are all caused by the rats. Something also glints on his wrist. On closer inspection, Naples thinks it could match the locket that they found earlier.

Naples now asks if he would like to see his mother. Billy simply says "mama gone". Naples says otherwise, then shows the other half of the locket to Billy that Roswyn passed to her. Billy recognises the painting in the locket and says "dada", but adds that he is bad. Naples assures Billy that his father is not in the building, but his mother is.

Just outside the basement, Barnabus notices that Victoria has calmed down and is trying to listen in, now that she has heard Billy's voice. Barnabus cautiously goes as close to the door and tells his companions to bring Billy up. Roswyn walks up to Victoria and tells her that Billy is alright and they are trying to bring him to her. Victoria pays attention to her assurance, then gently calls out to Billy. Billy hears her voice, which perks him up. With all his fear now gone, Billy holds Naples' hand and comes out from the corner. Naples leads him to the doorway.

Right now, both Billy and Victoria make eye contact with each other. Billy runs up the stairs and hugs his mother. Both of them cry in happiness. Victoria then starts to glow brightly, beaming out a white light that engulfs the room. Barnabus just spots the matron is actually right behind him and is about to strike him. Fortunately, the bright light forces her to reel back. The group also gets blinded by the light.

The group now hears the front door bursting open. With the light easing off, the matron and Victoria are now gone. Naples goes up to Billy and asks if he is alright. Billy simply says "mama gone". He then starts to look around him as he has never gone beyond the confines of the basement. Naples asks if she and her companions can help him. Billy nods. Alfred then asks if he would like to see his father. Billy nods, then asks for more chocolate. Alfred hands over his last bar of chocolate, which Billy takes and gobbles down.

Featured CharactersEdit

The Ghost HuntersEdit


  • Burk [spelling?], male adult half-orc. Groundskeeper of Ennis House, later discovered to be Victoria's paramour and Billy's father. First appeared in The Mystery Begins.
  • Billy [spelling?], male young adult half-orc. Son of Burk and Victoria. The Matron locked him up in the basement since young. First appeared in Billy.
  • Ghost Girls, the 12 orphaned girls. All died by unknown circumstances in the toy room. Three of them (a gnome, a tiefling and a human) first appeared in The Girls of the Library. All of them, apart from Victoria, later appears in A Gruesome Discovery. All of the girls are split into two teams to see who can scare the visitors the most.
    • Maxie [spelling?], one of the older girls. Lead the storage room team.
    • Mousy [spelling?], one of the younger girls. Part of the library team, then the storage room team. Fond of Billy.
    • Trixie [spelling?], one of the older girls. Lead the common bathroom team.
    • Victoria [spelling?], one of the older girls. Locked up in the steeple (possibly died in it) after she attacked the Matron. Burk's paramour and Billy's mother. First appeared in The Mystery Begins as a lady, then later as an apparition.
    • The other girls [spelling?]: Ann, Ellie, Mary, May, Neth, Nord, Sass and Torwen
  • Marguerite Ennis, female adult elf ghost. Lady of the house. First appeared in The Lady of the House.
  • The Matron, female human. Hunched. Victoria attacked her, causing her to be blind. Matron of the House, known by the Ghost Girls as a frightening and nasty woman. First appeared in A Clue and the Matron.


Matt as Barnabus

Matt as Barnabus

  • First!: This session marks the first time Kat plays Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Tiefling Headgear: Matt wears the tiefling headgear that Kim was sent by a fan for dressing up as Jiǔtóu, since his character, Barnabus, is also a tiefling.
  • Critical Rolls: Martyn and Matt both roll natural 20s on their first initiative roll. Katie gets an 11, while Kat ends up on 0 due to rolling a 1 and having a -1 to her initiative.
  • Atmosphere: During the break, Sam plays a video of animated skeletons dancing to the music. He also helped to decorate the setup for this session, even providing a fog machine for visual effect, although the only time it was used was by Kim, accidentally.
  • Filler Entertainment: Martyn broke into a impromptu rap about their campaign, after Sam added some music to fill the brief time Katie and Kat spent repositioning the fallen green screen.
  • Music: The music used in this session, such as Haunted Cemetery, was composed by Battle Bards.
  • Should They Die: Kim reveals that, should things have taken a turn for the worse, she had alternate endings ready to play out, in which all of them die in one of the following scenarios. If the group was unable to defeat the matron, they would be attacked by Victoria again in the toy room, or, if the group did not find the music sheet and play the piece while inside the music room, all the doors in the manor would have slammed shut, and Burk would have sent another group of adventurers to complete the mission.
  • Ghost Girls: The ghost girls are shadows, which one of them did a Strength Drain on Alfred during his encounter with them in the bathroom.
  • Alternative Character: Should any of the characters die, Kim had prepared a special character card to allow him or her to play as a ghost, being able to communicate with the group via visions or knocks. That character would also have the ability to see the apparitions of the girls and any hidden items in the house.


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