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iSorrowproductions, under the usernames iSorrow and ISP, is a British YouTuber and a Yogscast Content Producer.



iSorrow joined YouTube on September 6, 2008, with his first known video uploaded on September 27, 2009.[2]

In 2015, iSorrow began to upload videos of him playing video games with mods, expansions, and DLC, often in a satirical manner. He also uploads satires of current events from time to time.

iSorrow's popularity began to skyrocket following his continuous release of modded Hearts of Iron IV gameplay beginning November 2016. Since then, iSorrow has focused mainly on Hearts of Iron IV gameplay, making it his most viewed game on his channel.[3]


iSorrow has made several satirical "My Application to Join the Yogscast" videos.[4][5][6][7] Upon being posted to the Yogscast Subreddit, however, these videos became a source of dissent between the Yogscast's fan base and iSorrow's fan base. This resulted in iSorrow himself, as well as several of his fans, being permanently banned from the Subreddit.[8] Following the ban, an iSorrow Discord moderator addressed some of the allegations made against iSorrow.[9]

iSorrow was a guest star in the Yogscast Civilization VI series, Bountiful Boonies, which began on March 31, 2017.[10] He also often features on VeteranHarry's Monday streams mainly playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Hearts of Iron IV.

On July 24, 2017, iSorrow eventually joined the Yogscast.[1]


iSorrow has been a source of controversy due to his satirical content. These controversies include:

  • Belgium based on iSorrow's #BelgianLivesMatter meme.[11]
  • Edit war on the Yogscast Wiki article for iSorrowproductions.[12][13]
  • YouTuber quill18 in 2015.[14][15]
  • Edit war on the Wikipedia article for Slough, UK.[16]
  • The Yogscast on the Yogscast Subreddit.[8][17]
  • Edit war on the Wikipedia article for Tesco. At 22:26, on the 6th of November, 2017, the Wikipedia article had a padlock added to end the edit war.[18]
  • His let's play of "What if Russia won WW1" has inspired a new set of mods following the format of "What if _____ won WW1", on the Hearts of Iron 4 mod page, with examples ranging from "What if ISIS won WW1" and "What if Tesco won WW1". And with these mods filling up the workshop, a lot of people (who didn't watch ISP's videoes) didn't like or understand why these mods were made. And unfortunately, because of the influx of these mods on the mod workshop on the Hearts of Iron 4 page, the mods are not live anymore and cannot be used ingame.[19] [20]

Series Guide

The following table shows the games and series ISorrowproductions has played or participated in. Please note that the Current list only contains series uploaded to the creators channel in the last 30 days.
Series Guide
Current On Hiatus Finished





  • Though iSorrow is British, his country of residence remains uncertain as he listed New Zealand on his YouTuber channel's "About" page.[21]
  • He said if reached 170,000 subs by October 10th he would read the communist manifesto and on October 8th he reached his subscriber goal and on October 11 released his reading of the communist manifesto. The video was made private, demonetized, and age restricted. [22]
  • He reached 200k subs on Sunday/Monday of December depending on time zones.

Notable Quotes

  • "It's not an iSorrowproductions video if I'm not literally driving a single truck into Moscow." [23]
  • "Big Bite! BIG BITE! BIG BITE!"
  • "I am dead inside."
  • "I am just ironically mentally challenged."
  • "Also you’re not a real human manbean if you don’t shower with socks on."
  • "Truck into Moscow"






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