InTheLittleCamp, also known as Martyn and Toby's Camp, is InTheLittleCorp's current base of operations on the Yogscast Tekkit server.


The camp was made by Martyn and Toby as their base of operations for their company. It was first scene with a trapped Martyn and Toby who are trying to avoid a creeper. The creeper soon explodes and Martyn and Toby then have to fight off some other of the other mobs while they fix the damage, but soon get attack by another creeper. The duo then fix up the camp when night ends, but to their anger it starts to rain. Martyn then decides to make a campfire pit over the creeper holes. Upon finishing, Toby shows Martyn the land he cleared around the camp to give them more room.

Martyn's house

The new base in Martyn and Toby's camp.

The duo then return to their camp, but Toby finds himself trapped under the campfire pit. Martyn then digs him out so they can do their intro. They then leave to find rubber trees for their machines, which they find almost instantly after leaving. The duo then decide to go mining as well to collect ore for their machines. After finishing it becomes night and Martyn and Toby realize that they do not know where their camp is, but eventually find it. They then set up a perimeter around their camp with torches to protect from mobs. They soon leave after sleeping to collect snow from a nearby snow biome and come up with an idea to make a snowman factory.

Martyn and Toby eventually returned and began work on moving their machines into their mole hills they built.

Some time later, Rythian, Ravs, and Teep found the camp on their way to Nilesy's Pool Stand. Rythian decides not do anything and just marks the location on his map just in case.

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