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Joe Hickson, otherwise known as TheQuirkyFace is an editor, designer, camera operator and content creator for the Yogscast. On his channel, he creates vlogs and shows off his animations though sometimes he makes gaming videos. He joined the Yogscast in January 2019 as said in his "Joining The Yogscast?" YouTube video.[1]


  • In the JingleJam 2018, he visited the fans in Queen Square outside YogStudios. He and friend partook in a gin calendar challenge for charity raising over $350.
  • He has a Twitch channel[2] where he streams himself playing games and making art.
  • He got his job as making "VIDIOTS An Open Proposal" and "YOGSACST YOU SUCK" in which he suggested changes to Podiots and Today I Played respectively.
  • He worked with Tom Bates to create the new TTT opening animation.
  • He proposed a few designs for merch to Angory Tom, yet unfortunately they weren't released.
  • In His "New Kid In The Office"[3] video he mentioned how he made over 100 thumbnails for the "Today I Played with Lewis and Turps and friends[4]" channel.
  • In one of his videos[5] he bought a small pink squeaky unicorn in Poundland, later that video the Twitch chat voted to name it Spanky Jack and he is attached to Joe's bag.
  • He did an ASMR stream after his Twitch followers paid for it. 
  • He submitted "my best work yet" to the Jingle Jam in 2019. It is most memorable for Simon dying in hid grenade incident and for Lewis as a cat talking about jerking guys off.
  • He now streams "Doodle Break Art Stream" with Leo and Nina.
  • He played a large part in the redesign of 'YogsLive'.
  • Joe designed the YogLabs coffee branding.
  • He still hasn't modded shadowconquest.
  • He is so good at video games that he accumulates 0 deaths regardless of what he plays - making him known as the First Try Gamer. He instead employs his (patent-pending) 'tactical resets' to "get more lives" - using this strategy 103 times in his playthrough of Jak II.


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