Jonathan Kogan (a.k.a Kogie) is a member (the bassist) of Area 11 along with Sparkles*, Parv, and Leo.

On the Doomsday livestream of the Yogscast Honey Drive 2012 (on the 21st of December 2012), Sparkles* told the listeners to tweet to Kogie "Are you happy now?!?!" due to him raging about having very few Twitter followers (369 at the time).

He is also sometimes referred to as "Jonny Internetz". This was revealed in the first season of the Area 11 podcast and the Worms Revolution series on the Area 11 YouTube. Sparkles* supposedly gave him this nickname for his lack of internet skills. 


  • "Okie dokie, my name is Kogie"
  • "Sparkles* over there!"
  • "Ouch"
  • "Oh damn! Oh damn! Oh damn!!!!"
  • "Where's my cherry blossum coloured coat?"
  • "The 'Nightcore Before Christmas' God I'm good!"
  • "Sparkles! I've invented a new way to sit down!"
  • "Ba ba Bergkamp, have you any goals? Yes sir, yes sir, ask Paul Scholes."


  • Kogie wrote most of The Strays and a few lines in Tokyo House Party off of All The Lights in the Sky (album), such as "I feel a change in the dance, but ill leave it up to chance, one last shot at romance" to "I feel a change in the pace, ash hearts start to race, down a path ripped from space."
  • He used to attend the University of Nottingham.
  • His Twitter account can be seen here: @Kogie11
  • Kogie has his own YouTube channel called KiD iNFiNiTY (Kdnfnty) where he has uploaded many comedy sketches.
  • He played drums for Superpowerless.
  • Kogie was born on March 7.
  • He wrote the Area 11 sketch Cereal.
  • He revealed in an interview that in university, he studied philosophy.
  • He starred in all 4 Area 11 sketches so far.
  • Kogie can play the saxophone, and played the saxophone part in The Strays.
  • Kogie usually is the one that gets into trouble in the sketches done by the band.
  • Kogie studied Philosiphy in university.
  • He is currently living with his bandmate, Leo Taylor.
  • Kogie hates DOTA.
  • Kogie uses a discontinued Musicman SUB bass and an Ashdown ABM Bass Amp


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