KIMPRESSIONS!  is a series created by Kim Richards, posted on her channel YOGSCAST Kim. The series title is a wordplay on 'impressions', thus, Kim is giving her impressions on the latest and forthcoming video/computer games throughout the whole series.

The majority of the series has been based along more of the impression side than on sketches; however, there are a few scenes, cut into the game footage, of Kim playing the games or, generally, mucking about on location.

Doing themed sketches for the parts in between the 'Kimpressions'. Kim starts off with a plot summary and basic lore, then goes on to talk about the game itself (mechanics, gameplay, etc.). At the end of the video, she sums up the whole game with a sentence or two, on about her opinions of the game.

Episode GuideEdit

Video Name Table yt
KIMPRESSIONS! - Resident Evil Revelations Watch
KIMPRESSIONS! - Remember Me Watch
KIMPRESSIONS! The Last of Us Watch
miniKIMPRESSIONS! Deus Ex: The Fall, Knights of Pen&Paper +1, Project X Zone Watch
KIMPRESSIONS! Tales of Xillia Watch
KIMPRESSIONS! Beyond: Two Souls Watch
KIMPRESSIONS! Assassin`s Creed IV Black Flag Watch
KIMPRESSIONS! Super Mario 3D World! Watch
Kimpressions! Yoshi`s New Island! Watch
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